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Recipe: The Daiquiri Done Three Ways

classic daiquiri

Alright Nomsters, it’s time for another contributor post.  Get your notepad ready because Chris Singlemann is talking about the classic daiquiri + two delicious variations today.  Whether you want to entertain guests for brunch or just spoil yourself because you deserve R&R, these drinks will leave you completely and utterly satisfied.

A classic daiquiri contains 2 oz of white rum, 1 oz of lime juice and .75 oz of simple syrup.  Chris’ pineapple variation (drink 2 starting at 00:30) is made with 2 oz of white rum, .75 oz of lime juice, .75 oz of pineapple juice (or whatever fruit of your choice), and .50 oz of simple syrup.  And finally, the Hemingway daiquiri (fast forward to 00:56) comes with 2 oz of white rum, .75 oz of lime juice, .50 of grapefruit juice, .50 oz of maraschino liqueur, and .25 oz of simple syrup.  Which drink sounds the yummiest to you guys?

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daiquiri cocktails

A huge thanks to Chris for this bomb video – make sure you guys follow him on instagram for more.  If you want to browse other recipes, peep this tab!  We share new content every Monday, Thursday and Saturday so check back soon, friends.  Also, if you enjoyed this clip, you need to watch Chris’ French press tequila sunrise video as well.


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