6 Delicious Choices for Healthy Food in the San Francisco Bay Area

Tasty and Healthy Restaurants in the Bay Area

Eating out can have a sigma of being high calorie and not as healthy as cooking your own meals at home. And, to a certain extent, when you cook at home you have a lot more control over the ingredients and types of dishes you make. But we’re all CRAZY busy, right? Not everyone has time to meal prep, at least not every single week. Or maybe you’re in a rush and accidentally forget your lunch at home (gasp)! Well, don’t fret! We’ve traveled around the Bay and found some of the best healthy food in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Healthy Food in the San Francisco Bay Area:

1) Mendocino Farms

San Francisco Bay Area Locations

Mendocino Farms' The Impossible Taco Salad

The Impossible Taco Salad

Mendocino Farms' Sandwich stack

Various Sandwiches – favorites are the Pork Banh Mi (bottom) and BLT (second from top)

Save Drake Farm's Salad

Save Drake Farm’s Salad

Avocado & Quinoa Superfood Ensalada

Avocado & Quinoa Superfood Ensalada

Mendocino Farms has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants ever since they started opening locations in the SF Bay Area. Not only is it healthy, but holy cow (logo pun intended), it’s SO tasty! The ingredients are always beyond fresh, and the recipes are crafted perfectly. We couldn’t be happier that they’re finally up in the city as they’re a mind blowing addition to all the healthy food in San Francisco.

I would 110% recommend everything pictured above, but especially the Avocado & Quinoa Superfood Ensalada and the Pork Banh Mi sandwich. The Quinoa in the salad is super crispy, and because they’re small and naturally spread throughout the whole salad, it adds a nice crunchy texture to every bite. They have locations from the South Bay up to SF with plans to expand up as high as Sacramento! Read our full post about Mendocino Farms here.

2) Home Cafe

SF Locations

Home's Avocado Toasts and Lattes

Home’s Br-avo (left), Seoul Much Avo (bottom), Let’s Avo-Cuddle (right) avocado toasts, and Birthday Cake Latte (top), Matcha Latte (middle), and Lavender Latte (right)

Home seriously feels like a home away from home (too many homes?). The owners are legit the nicest people ever, and their menu items are as cute as they are nomtastic and healthy! Their food mainly consists of various styles of toasts, and unlike some other places, they use those thick slices, similar to some honey toast places. Not all their toasts are all that healthy (the Milk and Cereal toast contains condensed milk and Lucky Charms cereal), but some of them definitely are such as the ones picture above.

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There are three avocado toasts that, for sure, have a place in our list of healthy food in San Francisco. The Br-avo is topped with avocado, radish, and bacon crumbles, but you can ask for no bacon if you’d like. The radish adds a nice crisp texture, which is nice and satisfying. The Seoul Much Avo consists of avocado, spicy kimchi, and mixed seeds. This one is probably our favorite because we love kimchi, but it’s also great for your digestive system! Finally, the Let’s Avo-Cuddle is made up of avocado, baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, and red pepper, which is more of a traditional sandwich vibe, but the red pepper adds a nice kick. Read our full post about Home here.

3) Bar 41

308 41st St, Oakland, CA 94609

Bar 41's Strawberry Salad

Strawberry Salad

Bar 41 Lunch Spread

Bar 41 Lunch Spread

Bar 41 is a relatively new spot that took the old Bar Underwood and completely revamped it and turned it into more of a cafe while still staying true to their bar origins by offering some awesome, pretty cocktails. Their food is vegetarian friendly and tastes great! They’ve got a chill outdoor seating area in front for those warm evenings, and it’s most def a great place to just hang out and enjoy the vibes.

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Our top recommendation from our visit is the Strawberry Salad. It includes avocado, strawberries, and feta cheese, which complement each other so well. The sweetness of the fruit is balanced perfectly by the cheese, and avocado is just amazing in almost any situation (am I right, or am I right?).

4) Lale

731 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

Lale's Cold Sampler

Cold Sampler

Lale's Feta Cheese and Watermelon Salad

Feta Cheese and Watermelon Salad

Lale is a fantastic Mediterranean restaurant located in the Inner Sunset in SF. The staff was super friendly and unbelievably helpful with the menu and suggestions. The flavors of everything we tried were spot on, and it all tasted crazy fresh. They get crowded during brunch time – not at all surprising given the awesomeness they serve – so make sure you get there early and leave with enough time to find parking, which can be difficult in that area.

Their menu is quite extensive and straight up incredible. Two of our favorite healthy options were the Cold Sampler and the Feta Cheese and Watermelon Salad. The Cold Sampler includes pita bread for dipping, hummus with garbanzo beans, tahini and spices, tabouli with parsley, green onions, tomatoes, and bulgur, yogurt-cucumber dip with dill and lemon zest, roasted eggplants and red bell peppers, garlic, and almonds, and yogurt with beets, walnuts, and garlic.  It amazed us how so many ingredients and flavors could mesh together so well, but Lale found a way to make it happen.

The Feta Cheese Watermelon Salad was ultra refreshing and, like the strawberry salad above, the cheese and watermelon work together in perfect harmony to balance the flavors. We totally recommend this one for a warm day, or if you’re looking for something more refreshing and not so heavy. Read our full post about Lale here.

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5) Lemonade

San Francisco Locations

Lemonade's Custom Poke Bowl

Custom Poke Bowl

Lemonade, like Mendocino Farms, is another chain from LA and is a healthy person’s paradise. You can choose your own ingredients for bowls and plates, and the majority of the options are super healthy! Poke bowls are always an exceptional choice if you’re looking for something quick and healthy because of how customizable they are.

We had a Poke Bowl with white rice (although you can definitely get brown rice instead), seaweed salad, ginger, furikake, and tuna poke. On the side we got their Squash Salad and the Arugula and Kale Salad with Seasonal Fruit. When we eat healthy, sometimes we don’t feel full enough at the end of a meal, but this one completely filled us up. The ingredients are all health conscious and light, so we didn’t feel heavy even after scarfing everything down. Read our full post on Lemonade here.

6) Little Chihuahua

San Francisco Locations

The Little Chihuahua's Tostada Salad

Tostada Salad

Last, but not least, we wanted to include The Little Chihuahua. They definitely offer some menu items that are not the healthiest, but if you steer away from the typical go-to’s at Mexican restaurants like burritos and tacos, you can find some incredible, filling, healthful options. The Little Chihuahua is a bit more upscale than many of the similar spots in the city, and their preparation reflects that.

The Tostada Salad is their signature salad and is the perfect option if you’re looking for healthy food in San Francisco that’s still hearty. It is made with organic mixed greens, black beans, avocados, pico de gallo, queso fresco, cucumbers, mango salsa & roasted bell peppers with a lime-cilantro dressing served on top of a crispy tortilla shell. So ridiculously good. If you’re really looking to keep things healthy, you can ask for no tortilla shell, too!

Healthy Food in the San Francisco Bay Area has definitely improved over the last several years, and these are some of our top picks. We hope these help you make more health-conscious decisions when you’re out and about! Till next time, Nomsters!

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