Where to get The Best Cocktails in Penn Quarter DC

Located inside the stunning Hotel Monaco, Dirty Habit’s a Penn Quarter must. Everything about their restaurant screams instagram-worthy; the interior’ breathtakingly beautiful, and their food’s edible art.  Really though.

So, who’s excited to talk about all things cocktails?  Dirty Habit’s famous for their drinks, and the bar team there’s uber creative so be very, very excited.  Their new spring menu’s straight fire, and I’m beyond pumped to tell you about my must try recs.

1. Sativus

dirty habit cocktails

Made with a unique liqueur from Greece (aka Mastiha), this has a grassy but also sweet carrot flavor to it.  It’s made from Mastic tree resin crystals that are native to the island of Chios, and the team sweetens it by adding an IPA syrup to the mix (made from Devil’s Backbone Capit-Ale).  It contains bourbon, mastiha, carrot juice, IPA syrup and lemon and is served in a carrot shaped glass with a fun garnish that makes it look even more like a carrot, lol.

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2.  The Capsicum Cup

dirty habit dc

Made with charcoal smoked bell pepper + plantain shrub and cilantro tequila, this drink was named after the scientific name for pepper!  I’m not sure if it’s still served in a pepper cup, but I really hope so because HOW CUTE IS THIS DRINK!? They start by making the plantain shrub then add charcoal to the mix to infuse it with smokiness.  Then, they roast bell pepper and dice it all up before letting it all soak in the shrub overnight.

3.  Raillery

dirty habit monaco dc

Raillery means “inside joke” or “in good humor,” and the team named it this because they “basically threw a bunch of random ingredients together, and it somehow magically worked.” This cocktail’s made with Stateside Vodka, avocado, golden raisin water, sugar snap pea syrup, lemon juice and citrus foam… because everyone needs some extra vitamin C.

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best cocktails dc

Anddd last but not least, a sneak peek for y’all.  I recently had the pleasure of trying a new drink there, and it’s a doozy.  Meet the “Succulent Succubus,” made with Thai chili water (that’s frozen with liquid nitrogen), mezcal, pineapple gomme, fresh lime juice, and a house made aloe liqueur.

The presentation’s so on point because who doesn’t like liquid nitrogen?  But FYI, make sure you like spicy because this beverage has HEAT.  And it just gets hotter as you go since the “ice” melts the longer you wait, lol.

So, who’s excited to check out Dirty Habit?  They have a killer happy hour from 4-7PM on weekdays so definitely make sure to stop by.  Their truffle fries, birria sliders and Golden Habit dessert are delicious, AND they offer “I Got That Fyre” (their fancy take on the Caipirinha) for $11 which is dope AF.  It’s a really fun place to hang out on weekends as well – it’s very much a “go to be seen” type of establishment…but with amazing drinks and solid food.

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