District Chicken and Gyro: The Best Platter in DC

Alright Nomsters, who here’s a fan of chicken and rice?  …the answer is, or should be, everyone, ha.  When we were living in NYC back in the day, we hit up Halal Guys at least once a week – probably not the healthiest decision on our part, but it sure as hell was delicious. 

We have fond memories of standing in line at 2AM, excited to chow down on our spicier-than-dante’s-inferno combo platter.  Well, to our delight, they’ve expanded since then, BUT we recently found a local joint that we like even more:  District Chicken and Gyro.

District Chicken and Gyro

Now located in Tysons Corner (previously Georgetown DC), District Chicken and Gyro is everything you’ve ever wanted.  We got a combo platter with chicken and lamb and asked DCG to go hard on sauce.  We like our food hot, hot, and HOT so they layered it on for us.  As you can see, they don’t skimp on portions, but that’s not why we like their food better than Halal Guys.  Here’s why their noms are superior:

  1. They give you huge chunks of chicken and/or lamb, and the meat’s super flavorful.
  2. Their salad has cucumber, which really adds to the texture and helps cut through the spiciness.  You can skip greens and request more rice if you like, but it’s actually refreshing to have some salad in the mix.
  3. Their red sauce isn’t as crazy as Halal Guys.  It’s still spicy, but not “omg, take me to the ER spicy.”  Also, we found it to be more flavorful, but that’s just our personal preference.
  4. And lastly, they’re a local mom and pop shop, and we love supporting small businesses.
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District Chicken and Gyro halal

Suffice it to say, we HIGHLY recommend checking them out!  Their food is really delicious, and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll enjoy each and every bite.  Whether you go for lunch or after you party it up on a Saturday night, you’ll leave completely and utterly satisfied. 

Best halal food in DC

Looking for more delicious eats in Northern Virginia?  Click here to get your browse on.  Until next time, Nomsters!  Eat ALL the tings.


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