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Dog Haus Biergarten: Hot Dog Heaven

Nomsters, the hot dog gods have blessed us all.  A Dog Haus Biergarten opened in Bethesda, MD sooooo I’ll never eat another basic dog again.  They took things to a whole ‘nother level, and I feel like I’ve seen the light!   

Dog Haus Biergarten cocktails

I met up with DCNomster last week to check out their menu and had foodgasm after foodgasm.  I ordered a frosé to start – it was de-freaking-licious btw – and Alex got a frozen margarita for himself.  Their menu was impressive.  They had a huge selection of hot dogs, an impressive number of droolworthy sides, plus burgers and chicken sandwiches.  Here’s what we ordered:

  • Sooo Cali:  hormone and antibiotic free all beef dog served on King’s Hawaiian rolls, topped with wild arugula, avocado, tomato, crispy onions, and spicy basil aioli.
  • Pig Lebowski: polish kielbasa topped with fries, haus slaw and BBQ sauce.
  • The Hangover:  topped with white american cheese, smoked bacon, haus chili, fried egg, mayo
  • Free Bird:  Turkey dog, avocado, tomato, smoked bacon, and miso ranch
  • Chili Cheese Tots
  • The Love Boat:  fries, haus chili, haus slaw
  • Bad Mutha Clucka:  beer battered chicken breast, lettuce, pickles, miso ranch
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Dog Haus Biergarten hot dogs

The hot dogs were definitely the highlight of our meal.  The chicken sandwich + burger were fine, but they’re Dog Haus Biergarten for a reason.  The hot dogs tasted as good as they looked, and I loved that they came on Hawaiian rolls.  You’d think the toppings would be overwhelming, but each dog was perfectly balanced, and they get serious points for creativity! 

Dog Haus Biergarten chicken sandwich

above:  their chicken sandwich || below: their loaded fries

Dog Haus Biergarten sides

You can get three different kinds of dogs here:  beef, pork and turkey.  Alex and I ordered one of each because we wanted to sample them all.  It’s hard to pick a favorite because they were all so flavorful, but if I had to choose, I’d go with beef or turkey.  The sausages had a nice snap to them, and they were topped with seriously nomtastic sauces.  I didn’t know miso ranch was a thing, but I don’t know how I went so long without it!

Dog Haus Biergarten tater tots

The sides were tasty, but you gotta gobble them up quick or else serious sogginess will ensue [insert sad face here].  To be honest, I’m probably just gonna go with their regular tots or sweet potato fries the next time around!  Call me lame, but I’m a die hard tots/fries + ketchup kind of girl.  Anywho, that’s it for today guys – definitely let me know what you thought of Dog Haus Biergarten by leaving me a comment below.  To browse more MD foodporn, click here, and make sure to check back soon.  ’Til next time, Nomsters!


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