Dok Khao: The Prettiest Restaurant in Maryland?

Nomsters, I am so shook!  Last week, my dear friend @bmorefood invited me and a few other blogger homies to Dok Khao for a comped tasting, and the food was SOLID!  But before we get into food, we need to talk about their decor because this was arguably the prettiest restaurant I’ve ever visited in Maryland… quite possibly the DMV???

Really though – think fancy bird cage chandeliers, gorgeous “greenery” + florals on the ceilings and walls, and even a fountain in the middle of the restaurant.  I wish I had my wide angle camera so I could show you, but I guess you’ll just have to go and see for yourself.  It’s truly made for the gram, lol.

dok khao cocktails

I had a VERY long day so I got a cocktail to start.  Not gonna lie, I went with what cup I thought I’d like best, but it ended up being such a good call because IT CAME IN A FREAKIN’ DISCO BALL!  For those of you interested in getting it as well, this is the “Robin Hood Army” made with Bulleit, passion fruit juice, pineapple and peach liqueur.

We were all starving so we ended up getting a huge spread for the table.  To start, we got all of the following:

  • Crab Rangoon ($8.95):  crispy crab wontons stuffed with cream cheese and served with a sweet and sour sauce.
  • Duck Roll ($11.95):  sliced batter-fried duck with cucumber, green onion, and bell pepper  wrapped in roti and served with mustard and plum sauce.
  • Bangkok Wings ($10.95):  batter-fried wings with spicy chili sauce
  • Curry Puff ($8.95):  sautéed minced chicken, potato, carrot and onion tossed in a yellow curry powder that’s then wrapped with wonton skin and fried to crispy perfection.  This is served with a fantastic spicy cucumber sauce.
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Alright, so here are my thoughts.  The crab rangoons were standard but very good!  They clearly use clean oil, and none of the fried options were greasy at all which I’m a stickler about.

dok khao crab rangoons

The duck roll was delicious, but I almost wish the meat wasn’t fried!  Now don’t get me wrong, it was still tasty but I’m wondering if it would’ve tasted even better with no coating.  I also liked that the wrapped veggies weren’t cooked since it added some extra texture to the roll!

dok khao duck roll

The curry puffs were yum, but definitely make sure to enjoy them with the accompanying sauce – it’s a game changer and will level everything up!

dok khao curry puffs

Andddd last but not least, their wings.  These were insane, like some of the best wings I’ve had in a while.  They were so crispy and delicious, and the spicy chili glaze was straight perfection.   This app was a 10/10 for me!

dok khao wings

There were 4 people in our group so even though we got various starters, we got 5 entrees for our main.  We were starving, and extra excited for more after having such a strong start to the meal!  So, here’s what we ordered:

  • Lychee Duck Curry ($18.95):  roasted duck, spicy coconut red curry, cherry tomato, lychee, bell pepper, basil and pineapple.
  • Lamb Massamun Curry ($19.95):  braised lamb chunks, onion, potato, peanut, carrot, tomato, coconut milk, served with curry fried rice and an egg.
  • Crabmeat Fried Rice ($18.95):  jumbo lump crabmeat, egg, cherry tomato, onion and scallion
  • Dok Khao Pad Thai ($15.95):  Southern style pad thai made with thin rice noodles, roasted pork, egg, bok choy, peanut, bean sprouts, and a homemade spicy sweet soy sauce.
  • Hangover Lo Mein ($17.95):  sautéed lo mein made with shrimps, scallops, mussels, squid, onion, carrot, cherry tomato, peppers, and spicy basil served with a side of sriracha sauce.
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There’s a lot to cover, but this time ’round, let’s start with favorites!  The highlights for me were definitely the lamb and lo mein, with the pad thai coming in at a close second.  The lamb was really tender, the curry flavorful, and I loved that the dish came with a side of curry rice.

As for their lo mein, they topped said noodz with all kinds of seafood, and it was super fresh.  Plus, I loved that it came with a side of hot sauce – you all know I’m a sucker for spicy so I couldn’t help but love this dish a little extra.

dok khao lo mein

The pad thai would’ve been perfect in my book, but it was a tad bit too salty. I loved that they used roasted pork though – such a great call, and it went so well with  the flavors.

lychee duck curry

That leaves the duck curry and the crab fried rice.  Ok, so duck is my all time favorite protein, but I’m not sure how I feel about the lychee + duck combo.  It wasn’t really my jam so I personally wouldn’t get this again, but you guys will have to try it and let me know what you think.

crab fried rice

As for the fried rice, I love the idea, but I feel like there could be a bit more meat + seasoned a little more.  I actually loved the rice with all the other dishes we got, but if I had JUST gotten that, it would’ve been a little lackluster.

All in all, fantastic meal, and I would 200% go back and recommend this spot.  We were stuffed at that point, but their dessert menu looked so good, we got 4 different options to share:

  • Thai Tea Crème Brûlée ($7.95):  homemade Thai tea custard with a hint of vanilla bean and a touch of Grand Marnier.
  • Lychee Cheesecake ($7.95):  also made in house, creamy cheesecake with a hint of lemon and Thai lychee.
  • Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango ($8.95):  seasonal and their most popular dessert.
  • Golden Banana with Ice Cream ($8.95):  batter fried banana with coconut milk ice cream.
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WOW, dessert was truly fantastic!  I was so beyond impressed with their lineup.  Whether you have room or not, don’t skip this course.

mango sticky rice

The sweet sticky rice with mango was pretty standard (standard but amazing), but the presentation was stunning.  The table legit “ahhhh-ed” when it was served!  The lychee cheesecake is a winner if you’re a fan of said fruit.  I’m not huge on it so I wasn’t uber excited about this, but I definitely appreciated it.

lychee cheesecake

The crème brûlée was stupid good, and I highly recommend getting an order of this the next time you go.  I couldn’t get enough of the texture, and it wasn’t too, too sweet which I appreciated.

thai tea creme brulee

The banana dessert was also a banger, and I loved the ice cream that came with!  You honestly can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned options so go wild, Nomsters.

fried banana desserts

So should you check them out?  YES!  Definitely make sure to head to Columbia to experience Dok Khao stat, and let me know how you enjoyed it by leaving a comment below.  Until next time, friends – click here to see more from Maryland and stay tuned for more content coming your way.


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