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Eating Through New York City: Part 1

New York’s known for a lot of things:  broadway shows, flashing lights, beautiful people and of course, bomb food.  I spent the week eating through the Big Apple so I’m recapping highlights for you guys today.  This is the only post I’m sharing from my trip, but I labeled it “part 1” because I go often and there’s going to be oh so much more in the future.  Be excited, Nomsters!

Ichiran, 152 W 49th St

ichiran ramen

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place, but I’m not sure why because their ramen is the bomb.com.  They have three locations in NYC:  one in Brooklyn, one in Midtown, and one in Times Square.  Their ramen was on point, but the experience in itself was worth the trip.  Instead of tables, they have individual stalls to help you enjoy your food without any kind of distractions.  Human contact is optional!  You order by filling out a form, and you can customize everything (ie. saltiness, richness, noodle texture, etc.) to your liking.

ichiran ramen ny

I recommend going with their set ($24) which comes with ramen, chashu, dried seaweed, scallion, kikurage mushroom and a soft boiled egg.  It’s really quite delicious, and I liked that their broth was subtle.  If you want more noodz, all you have to do is place the “kae-dama” plate on the sensor located at the upper right corner of your table.  It’ll play a short melody, and someone will magically appear with more.  They don’t accept tips here so simply pay for your food at the cashier before going about your day.

Alimama, 89A Bayard St

alimama cream puffs

Alimama was, hands down, one of the coolest dessert places I’ve ever been to.  Everything about this place was instagram-worthy, and I can’t wait to go back.  They only really do four items here, but they do them damn well:  mochi donuts, mochi munchkins, cream puffs, and various teas.

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alimama mochi munchkins

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you can’t go wrong with anything you get, and there are vegan options available so there’s something for everyone.  It’s hard to pick favorites, but their matcha munchkin ($4), ube cream puff ($4) and lychee rose drink ($6) were exceptional.  I literally let out a loud “mmMMMMmmmm” when I took a bite from both, so do yourself a solid and get down here!  I promise you’ll be blown away.

alimama lychee drink

Cardoncello Divino, 43 W 27th St

truffle appetizer

Words can’t even begin to express the magic that is Cardoncello DiVino.  If you’re in the mood for incredible Italian food, head on over stat.  They named their restaurant after the cardoncello mushroom, which is “the pride of the agricultural tradition of Southern Italy,” and they’re the first NYC restaurant to use this unique ingredient in many of their dishes.

cardoncello divino olive oil tasting

Their osteria is warm and inviting, and the ambiance is perfect for date night.  Start off with an order of their cardoncelli ($17) before indulging in an EVOO tasting.  I’m not exaggerating when I say this appetizer will blow you away – roasted cardoncello mushrooms with potato, caciocavallo cheese and truffle tortino?  Heaven in your mouth.  It was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had, and I’d go back for this alone.

cardoncello divino olive oil

The olive oil tasting’s also a must!  You get a selection of 4 (from light to intense fruity), and they’re paired with small bites to enhance the undertones of each.  They give you an in-depth explanation of the tasting, which makes it a really fun and educational experience.  Must try entrees include their fettuccine (turmeric noodz, cardoncello mushrooms, tomato filet and cacioricotta cheese) and their paccheri (large tube pasta served with veal ossobuco ragout, bone marrow and gremolada sauce).

cardoncello divino fettucine

Very Fresh, 75 9th Ave

very fresh lamb noodles

Located inside Chelsea Market, Very Fresh will make all your dreams come true.  They specialize in hand pulled noodles so go and indulge ASAP because who doesn’t love carbs?  Their tingly and spicy cumin lamb is hard to beat.  Seasoned with cumin, sichuan peppercorns, chili oil, celery, cilantro, and fresh herbs, these flavors will leave your tongue buzzing, and I mean that in the best way possible.  On top of dry bowls, they also have noodle soups and vegan options as well!  Pro tip:  order a side of their fresh-made douhua pudding to cool everything down.  Uber soft tofu that’s served in a ginger sauce with citrus and cinnamon?  Yes, yes and yes.

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very fresh tofu pudding

Milk & Cream, 159 Mott St

milk and cream dessert

If you’re big into cereal, you need to stop by Milk & Cream for dessert.  They’re known for their insta-worthy cones and sundaes ($7 a pop), but you can also get cereal bowls ($8) and ice cream milkshakes ($8).  Simply choose your fave cereal, top it with fruits, nuts, cookies and/or candy, and then get your drizzle on before devouring it whole.  Dealing with decision fatigue? No problem.  They have a slew of signature combos that will do your tummy good – popular options include their Froot Berry Bliss and Cocoa Dough!

milk and cream milk shake

Trademark, 38 West 36th St

trademark cheese

If you’re in the mood for some solid American food, head to Trademark with all your friends and family because their food will seriously impress.  Start your meal off with their fresh mozzarella for two and thank me afterwards.  It’s hand-pulled to order so the texture’s otherworldly.  It’s served with focaccia, and it’s the perfect way to kick off dinner.

trademark pastatrademark burger

Bamf entrees include their TM burger and their rigatoni bolognese.  The burger’s topped with bacon, jalapeño jack, fried pickled onions and a special sauce, and the pasta’s made in house from scratch and served with soft ricotta and grana-padano.  Save room for dessert because the cookie skillet is a must, no ifs, ands or buts.  Too full?  No problem.  Once you take one bite, it won’t matter.

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trademark cookie skillet

Thep, 1439 2nd Ave

thep puffs

Thep translates to “angel, divinity, deity, god,” which is fitting since I think their food’s basically ambrosia.  Don’t judge me, but I used to be a big Xena the Warrior Princess fan.  Where my greek mythology lovers at though?  Located on the upper east side, Thep does Thai cuisine so well.  Get a table outside if weather permits and pig out on their kra-pow puff, duck tamarind, and their khao soi.

thep curry puffs

The puffs are crispy fried pastries filled with chicken, string beans, mozz and thai basil.  They’re served with a cucumber vinaigrette, and I’m not exaggerating when I say they’re life-changing.  The duck’s served in a beautiful tamarind sauce, and it ‘s garnished with fried shallots and cilantro.  The meat’s as tender as can be, and the sauce is just the right amount of sweet.

thep duck tamarind

However, my favorite main of the night was their Khao Soi.  This traditional northern Thai dish was served in a creamy coconut curry broth with egg noodles, which was then topped with pickled mustard greens, red onions, fried shallots, and crispy egg noodles.  Mix it all together for a symphony of textures, and save room for their sorbet.  The coconut was to die for, and the presentation was adorable.

thep khao soi thep sorbet

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed my latest travel write-up featuring some of the best noms in NYC.  What looked yummiest to you guys? Let me know by leaving a comment below and stay tuned for fresh new content every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  In the meantime, browse my travel tab to see more, and check out this article on 8 fun things to do in NYC this month.  You’re welcome in advance!


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