Elements Bar and Lounge at ONE65 in SF!

What’s up, Nomsters! It’s not every day that you come across a multi-floor (you read that right) dining experience like the one at ONE65 in San Francisco. There are four modern dining experiences, each on a different floor, and all with French flair. They all sounded incredible and you can find more information about each one on their website, but we went up to Elements Bar and Lounge on the fourth floor and were blown away by the ambiance AND the food and drinks we had there! It’s got a trendy, chill vibe with some couch and arm chair seating against the front windows, several tables lining the wall heading towards the back, and a full bar with a small amount of seating at the far end. And one other thing of note is their playlist was on point! It definitely had our heads bobbing while enjoying our meal. Anyways, let’s get to the goods!

Tuna Tartare & Crispy Rice

Let’s just start off with our favorite dish of the night – the Tuna Tartare & Crispy Rice. It’s made with kewpie mayo (a popular Japanese mayo), sesame, and seaweed. The fish tasted ultra fresh, and the crispy rice and seaweed added a nice crunch for some varied texture. We actually wished the rice was even a bit more crispy on the outside, but overall it was really enjoyable and tasty!

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Crispy Onion Tart

The Crispy Onion Tart from Elements Bar and Lounge was a very close second to the tuna tartare. It’s a perfect combination of creamy spring onion and chanterelles on a crepe, basically, and it literally tastes like a french onion soup in crispy tart form. We kid you not – this one is, for sure, a must try!

Steak Tartare

This was probably our least favorite of the three small plates we tried, but if you’re a fan of tartare, the Steak Tartare is still worth a try. It’s made with 2.5oz hand chopped skirt steak, capers, and gherkins. The flavor is pretty subtle and the toast brings some needed texture. Overall, I think it would do its job as an appetizer that wouldn’t outshine your main course.

Guns & Roses

The Guns & Roses cocktail has such a cool presentation! It’s made with Hendricks Gin, Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro, Rose Hip, Gunpowder tea, Milk Clarified. It’s pretty clear where the drink gets its name, right? It’s served in a tea cup with a big ball of ice in the middle. This one was light and smooth, and had a genuinely unique flavor being mixed with tea and floral hints.

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Bird in the Hand

The Bird in the Hand cocktail from Elements Bar and Lounge was light and had citrus tones, yet packed a punch. It’s crafted with Espolon Blanco, Campari, honey, grapefruit, lime, and good ol’ Absinthe. Clearly the kick came from the Absinthe, but it was still a refreshing experience. It serves 4-6 and is served in the awesome dispenser below.

Fortune Favors the Bold

The bar manager mentioned that Fortune Favors the Bold was probably his favorite cocktail since he’s a fan of tropical drinks, and we have to agree – this one is definitely full of fruity flavors, and the mint garnish adds a freshness to it all. It’s a perfect mix of  R{h}um Blend, Falernum, Cynar, Giffard Vanilla, and Passion Fruit Don’s. They even flip a lime rind inside out and light the inside on fire!


To close out the evening, we got the Nougatine for dessert, and although it wasn’t a highlight for us, it was still quite good. It’s made with lavender honey ice cream, confit dried fresh fruit, and kirsch chantilly. We really enjoy ice cream or sorbet as a dessert after a nice meal because the coolness is a soothing way to finish things off, and this one definitely satisfied that craving. The flavor of the ice cream is also super unique, and we found ourselves taking several bites in quick succession and asking each other what we thought it was. Dishes and flavors that make you pause and think are really something special because you get a much fuller experience, so we really enjoyed that about the Nougatine!

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Definitely check out Elements Bar and Lounge and make sure to grab a drink AND a small plate or two while you’re there! The staff was also really friendly and helpful so we really can’t speak highly enough of the whole experience. Have you tried this spot yet? If you have recommendations of other dishes we didn’t try, let us know on our Instagram! Till next time, Nomsters!

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