Fancy Radish: Stupid Delicious Vegan Food in DC

We’ve heard amazing things about Fancy Radish, but for some reason, never made it out there?!  Fast forward several years, one of our close friends insisted that we finally go, and we’re high key pissed we put it off for so long.  Located on H Street Corridor, this restaurant is stupid good.  Like really.

We got the following plates to share, and everything was ridiculously tasty:  rutabaga fondue, peruvian potatoes, charred broccoli and spicy dan dan noodles.  Where do we even start?  Let’s go with the rutabaga.

Fancy Radish fondue

We’re pretty sure we’ve never had rutabaga before, but now it’s all we want.  This was a banger through and through, and we couldn’t recommend it enough.  It was warm and luscious and came with freshly baked pretzel bread along with a side of house pickles for acidity and crunch.  AMAZING.

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Fancy Radish potatoes

The peruvian potatoes came out next, and holy crap, these were some of the best ‘toes we’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.  Made with aji amarillo, cilantro, peanut, and cured olive, this dish was absolute perfection.  Make sure you get sauce on each bite though!  It’s creamy with a solid kick.  Consider us big, BIG fans.

Fancy Radish broccoli

Next up:  their charred broccoli.  This was solid but not a crowd favorite.  It came with white bean sauerkraut salad and horseradish, and although we appreciated the nom flavor combination, we probably wouldn’t get this again.  Especially since there are still tons we want to try…plus the other dishes we absolutely loved.

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Fancy Radish dan dan noodles

And last but not least, the spicy dan dan noodles.  INSERT DROOL EMOJI!  We often dream about this dish, and it’s something we legit crave on the regular.  It’s tossed in this beautiful red chile sesame sauce along with sichuan peppercorns and five spice glazed mushrooms.

Fancy Radish noodles

Think chewy deliciousness with nutty heat packed in each bite.  Maybe get 2 to share – depending on how big your party is – because these noodz are worth fighting over.

Fancy Radish toffee pudding

We’re big dessert people so we obviously had to at least TRY one!  We ended up getting the sticky toffee pudding, but it was a toss up between that and their saffron créme brûlée.  Our choice was on point though – it came with smoked pepita streusel and a side of pumpkin ice cream.

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Conclusion, don’t be like us.  Go to Fancy Radish sooner rather than later to experience their food.  There’s still so much to try so we’ll be back ASAP.  Hope to see you there, Nomsters.  For more on DC food, click here and stay tuned for more content coming your way.  Until next time!


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