Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine: Amazing, Fun Thai Food in SF Bay Area

Nomsters! This one we’re really excited about. Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine has their original location in San Francisco, and just recently expanded to the beautiful Jack London Square in Oakland, just across the bay! They seriously outdo themselves with every dish, and it’s always appreciated when a restaurant focuses just as much on the flavors as they do on the presentation. All the dishes are bright, colorful, and fun, and the vibe of the restaurants is kind of an island theme. It’s perfect for small and large groups, and we seriously couldn’t recommend them more.

Thai Iced Tea

We LOVE Thai iced tea, so to start off our meal at Farmhouse Kitchen Thai we decided to try theirs, and wow. Instead of being like everyone else and simply pouring the milk into the tea, they freeze it in ice balls and let it slowly melt into the tea. Right off the bat we knew their presentation was on point. AND it was delicious!

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Hat Yai Fried Chicken

Did we mention Farmhouse Kitchen Thai’s dishes are all colorful? The Hat Yai Fried Chicken consists of southern style fried half Mary’s Chicken, turmeric & herbs, fried Shallots, cucumber pickles, potato yellow curry, roti bread and blue rice, and it was super flavorful. It was just crispy enough on the outside, and perfectly moist on the inside. This is one of those plates where you definitely need to get a bite with a bit of everything to get the full experience.

Farmhouse Wings

This was probably the least impressive dish we tried, but it was still great. They’re crispy fried organic wings with fish sauce, garlic, and chili plum sauce. The flavor was good, and it was cooked pretty well, but for the cost, we wish there was a bit more. It’s a tasty appetizer, but it’s the most expensive one, and there are other equally delicious options that aren’t $15.

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Kumamoto Fresh Oyster

We can confirm that these oysters are ultra fresh! And Farmhouse Kitchen Thai’s spicy seafood sauce combined with the smokey chili oil make for a super unique bite each time. It’s really different from any other oyster we’ve had elsewhere, so if you’re a fan of these aphrodisiacs, make sure to grab a plate when you visit!

Loco Moco

Last, but not least, Farmhouse Kitchen Thai’s loco moco was bomb diggity. They had the runny yolk cooked just right, and the patty was rich, flavorful, and definitely a generous portion! Just a heads up, it was cooked pretty rare, so if you’re a well-done kind of person, you should probably make a request when you order it.

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The interior does an amazing job of creating a fun, energetic and lively atmosphere. Especially if you sit outside on a warm, sunny day, you get the feeling like you’re on an island vacation, if only for an hour or two.

And that’s it! Farmhouse Kitchen Thai is totally worth a try and we think it’ll become a go-to spot for you and your friends after the first bite. Have you been here before? Let us know you thoughts in the comments below! Till next time, Nomsters!

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