Kagawa-Ya Udon – Fast and Bomb Udon in SF

Ramen seems to be all the rage and new ramen joints that open up always get so much love, but what about all us udon lovers? Our prayers have been answered by Kagawa-Ya Udon and best of all – for everyone who works down town – it’s located right on Market and 10th Street!

The best part about Kagawa-Ya Udon is how crazy tasty it is, but an added bonus is that it’s a super quick process so you can be in and out and easily fit a trip into your lunch break at work. They’re able to do this by kind of having a cafeteria style line where they give you the udon style of your choice and then you can select various pieces of tempura to add to your bowl. But don’t think for a second that “fast” food means poor quality. Get this: They imported an udon noodle making machine directly from Japan and use it in the shop to make all their own noodles. It’s hella legit, trust us.

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Right above this paragraph is one of Kagawa-Ya Udon’s staples – the Niku Udon. It consists of soy braised sliced beef, sweet onions, green onions, ginger and toasted sesame seeds. We can totally understand why this is a fan favorite. The broth was perfect, the beef wasn’t overcooked, and the portion was definitely enough to fill you up!

Next up, we had the chance to try the Beef Curry Udon, which was a recommendation from one of the owners, and it turned out to be our personal favorite. Two thumbs up. We’ve had curry udon from other places where the broth is too thick, but this one was an awesome consistency and the flavor was absolutely nomtastic.

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Another thing they do that’s bomb.com is rotating menu items. When we went they had a clam chowder udon (upper right of the picture above) that took us a bite or two to get used to, but we ended up loving it. We’re glad when people pay homage to SF! In the future we’re sure they’ll have other amazing, unique takes on udon and we hope to be back to try them all!

And here’s a sampling of some of the types of tempura you can add to your meal. Our favorites were the shrimp and the broccoli, but that’s completely subjective and you can add whatever you want.

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Till next time, Nomsters!


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