Must Try Dishes from Bartaco Mosaic

Located on 2920 District Ave in Fairfax, VA, bartaco’s a fast-casual taco joint with restaurants all over the US.  We’ve heard a lot about their food so when they reached out to collaborate, we happily made the hour long drive to NoVa to indulge.  We had a budget of $75 so we ordered a slew of goodies to sample and photograph.

bartaco mosaic

They’re known for their tacos so if you’re looking for recommendations, the following are solid options:

  • mojo pork carnitas:  slow-roasted pork shoulder topped with tangy mojo sauce and tomatillo sauce
  • spiced chicken verde:  chicken in chile and herb marinade topped with aguacate salsa
  • roasted duck:  duck thighs dry rubbed then slow roasted, shredded and topped with cilantro and a tamarind glaze
  • glazed pork belly:  braised pork belly caramelized in a sweet arbol chile glaze, topped with cilantro and pickled red onions
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If you’re ordering online, make sure you head to the “to go extras” tab and to get extra sauce because they’re straight fire.  They have 3 hot sauces available, and damn, they pack so much flavor it’s stupid.

Their rojo’s made with rustic piquillo peppers, and they get their heat from cumin and clove.  The green jalapeno sauce is enhanced with garlic and bay, and our personal favorite?  Their pineapple habanero.  It was so tasty we low key regretted not getting a bottle to go.

bartaco chicken empanadas

Not feelin’ tacos?  Get an order (…or 3) of their chicken empanadas.  They’re stuffed with roasted chicken, yukon potatoes, sofrito and served with a side of salsa verde.  Douse them in pineapple jalapeno hot sauce to maximize flavor and enjoy.

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Although their tacos were good, we actually enjoyed their empanadas the most so we highly recommend getting these as an app to share.  We also got their duck quesadilla, and albeit tasty, portions were way too small, at least for us.

bartaco duck quesadilla

For those of you interested, their current #bartacosecret is a take home lobster taco kit.  It comes with reheat instructions along with four corn tortillas, lobster meat, hominy, lemon brown butter and cilantro.  bartaco’s also offering cocktails to go, and you have the option of getting smoke on the water or reviver for two (both priced at $18).

bartaco lobster tacos

Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed reading our latest review! bartaco Mosaic is currently open from 11-10PM daily, and they’re offering curbside pickup, delivery and dine-in.  They’re a cashless establishment so make sure you bring your credit or debit card with you to indulge.  If you have any questions about their food, don’t hesitate to hit us up!  We’re always happy to hear from you guys.

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Looking for more VA foodporn?  Check out our Virginia tab and make sure you visit us again soon for delish new content.  We update our blog Monday-Thursday + Saturday so there’s always something new to peep.  Until next time, Nomsters – we hope you eat ALL the things.


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