Federal Donuts: Where to Get Kickass Donuts in Philadelphia

Hey Nomsters!  We hope you’re excited because it’s time for another Philly food post.  Today, we’ll be talking about Federal Donuts, and their amazing freshly fried sweets.  This delish shop was founded by 5 hospitality pros including two James Beard Award winning restaurateurs – we’re assuming you’ve probably heard of Zahav?  Yeah, so you already know their food’s gonna be unreal.

federal donuts fancy donuts

They have 8 locations in the city, but we went to their brick and mortar in East Market.  Since they’re known for their coffee, chicken and donuts, go hungry and make sure you guys try it all!  We went in the early morn and kicked things off with their breakfast sandwich, their fried chicken sandwich and their za’atar fries for our savory fix.

federal donuts fried chicken sandwich

The sammies didn’t look particularly appetizing, but they were both super tasty.  The breakfast sandwich came with egg, bacon, Cooper sharp cheese and cherry pepper relish on a Martin’s potato roll, and the fried chicken sammie was topped with buttermilk ranch seasoning, American cheese, dill pickles and spicy rooster sauce.

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The fried chicken sandwich was poultry perfection, juicy on the inside, crazy crispy on the outside!  The ranch seasoning was super flavorful, and the spicy mayo was wildly addictive.  Now, was it the best chicken sandwich we’ve ever had?  Probably not, but it was scrumptious nonetheless.

federal donuts breakfast sandwich

We actually preferred their breakfast sandwich between the two.  The pepper relish added a ton of flavor, and it was so yummy that it took us off guard.  For $6, this was a GREAT deal, and we highly recommend that you guys get it if you want “real food” in addition to donuts in the morning.  And whether you go in the morning or afternoon, their za’atar fries are a must.  At $3.50, you’re getting serious bang for your buck, and the seasoning’s out of this world!

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federal donuts za'atar fries

Now onto the star of the show, their donuts.  Ermergerd Nomsters, these were easily some of the best donuts we’ve ever had.  Choose between “hot fresh” and “fancy;” the former comes straight out of the fryer and is tossed in house blended sugars, while the latter’s topped with a rotating selection of unique glazes and noms.

We had the pleasure of trying the following flavors:  pumpkin roll, nutella salted caramel, apple cinnamon crunch, vanilla bean creme brûlée, cookies n cream and strawberry lavender.  We enjoyed them immensely with the exception of one.  The creme brûlée wasn’t really our jam, but everything else high key blew us away.

federal donuts creme brulee donut

The only negative thing about their donuts is that they have holes in them…which means less donut for us.  We got ours fresh out of the fryer so we got to enjoy ’em while they were pipin’ hot.

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Warm carby goodness that will warm you from the inside out; a sweet and buttery dough that’s soft on the inside and just the right amount of crispy on the outside.  Cake donuts that are legit light and airy?  We didn’t even know those existed until now.  We’ve always been team yeast, but Federal Donuts have officially changed our minds.

Yeah, just go and get Federal Donuts stat!  Whether you like sweets or not, we can pretty much guarantee it’ll be love at first bite.  Go for the fancy half dozen to try each and every one of their flavors!  You’re welcome in advance.

For more on Philly eats, make sure you guys check out our latest features on Pete’s Place and Pizzeria Vetri.  We have more comin’ your way so keep and eye out, and follow us on instagram for delish content that’ll feed your feed on the daily.


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