Fiorella: Tasty, Casual Italian Food in SF

What’s up, Nomsters! In this new world of uncertainty, we at Nomtastic Foods often look to food to provide some stability and comfort. Luckily, Fiorella SF is the epitome of comfort food and the vibe at the restaurant is very welcoming and homey. We were only able to try a handful of dishes, but everything was SO delicious and well-prepared that we feel pretty comfortable going on the record saying you probably can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.

We should also mention that there are some staples to their menu, but much of it changes based on seasonality of ingredients, so some of the dishes we had may not be available when you go. But based on the quality, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself!

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Oh, one more note! According to their website they just reopened their outdoor seating! We can’t imagine there are many tables, so you might want to get there early or try calling them if you want to dine in.


Asparagus is just an amazing veggie, and we’d be happy munching on steamed asparagus on its own, but Fiorella SF took something great and made it fan-freakin’-tastic. They threw in some garlic – which makes every dish better – and topped it all with a poached egg, and once you break it open and let the yolk get all over everything, it’s game over. We could have eaten about 5 of these.

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Burrata Pie

Ever wish you had a whole dollop of burrata on a pizza? Maybe you had never thought about it before, but now it’s on your mind, isn’t it?! This one is, for sure, on their menu and is a unique take on a margarita pizza while switching up the cheese used. And we’re not saying burrata on pizza is something new, but the times we’ve seen it in the past, it’s usually melted and appears like regular cheese typically does on a pizza. Dropping this mouthwatering hunk of burrata right in the middle of the pie and letting you spread it however you’d like is a fun – and ridiculously satisfying – experience!

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Carbonara Pie

If you want to feel like you’re being healthy and justify eating a pizza, throw a bunch of greens on top (it worked for us). We’re big fans of anything carbonara, and this pie from Fiorella did not disappoint. Also, runny egg yolks on pizza is one of the greatest combinations imaginable, so if this is still on the menu, don’t miss it!

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