Flights of Food? Don’t Mind If We Do!

Your days of going to a new restaurant and asking the age old question, “how are your [insert dishes]?” are done now that Flights in Campbell (and with their new location in Los Gatos!) are here. With one of the coolest restaurant concepts we’ve ever seen, Flights, located at 368 East Campbell Ave, serves all their dishes as flights of whatever it is you order. This means you get three – count ’em – THREE variations of a dish in a single order, and everything we tried was 100% legit!

In addition to the food, they’ve also got an awesome bar where you can get all kinds of beers, wines, and cocktails. We got three different drink flights to start off the meal, so let’s take a look at those!

First up was the Tropical Flight, consisting of a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, Frozen Pina Colada , and a Mai Tai. We’re a huge fan of tropical drinks and these three totally hit the spot. The daiquiri and the pina colada were especially awesome on the warm day we were there since the slushiness to them were extra refreshing. The Mai Tai tasted like the strongest of the three, but even if you’re the kind of person who orders cocktails to mask the flavor of the alcohol, you’d still enjoy it a lot.

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The second round of drinks was the Margarita on the Rocks Flight. The three margaritas were Mango & Jalapeno, Passionfruit & Lime, and Classic. Our favorite of those was probably the mango & jalapeno. We’re both a fan of spicy anything, and the flavor combination was super unique and tasty.

If you’re trying to kick your evening (or day, no judgement) up a notch, we highly suggest the last set of drinks we got, which was the Shots Flight. Sounds pretty self explanatory, but each “shot” is actually a shooter (shot mixed with other stuff). To summarize, they were delicious! But the description of them on the menu just said “Red – Teal – Orange” so we’ll let you all experience the mystery for yourselves!

Now onto the food! The Mac & Cheese Flight was off-the-chain! The three variations were Classic (Vegetarian), Truffle (Vegetarian), and Bacon & Jalapeno. The star of the show here was definitely the truffle one (middle), but all three were completely on point. Even the classic – as simple as it is – was outstanding. And bacon just makes anything better.

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Another awesome flight we got was the Shrimp Flight. This one consisted of Cocktail, Garlic Skewer, and Phyllo Wrapped shrimp variations. The garlic skewer was super flavorful and a favorite, for sure.

The Phyllo Wrapped shrimp was kind of like a shrimp tempura, and was also awesome. It added a nice crunch to the plate and the sweet sauce was a nice touch, too.

The last lunch/dinner menu item we had was the Ahi Tuna Flight. It consisted of seared ahi, poke, and sashimi with jalapeno. The seared ahi was great, and the poke was really refreshing in combination with the cucumber underneath. Try to get some cucumber, green onion and poke with each bite!

You already know we’re big on spicy food and we love sashimi, too, so our favorite from the three was the sashimi with jalapenos. If you add one slice of jalapeno and a dab of wasabi it’s total perfection. It was sitting in a sauce we think was ponzu, but don’t quote us on that!

Finally, for all you dessert lovers out there, we got to try two of their dessert flights. The first one was the Chocolate Flight, which included Warm Brownie, Mousse, and Truffles. The presentation was amazing, and everything was rich and everything you’d want from a chocolate themed dessert. The Mousse was creamy and full of flavor, but if you’re looking for decadence and richness at its best, look no further than the browny. Once you easily slice through the outside layer, the inside is warm, gooey, and unbelievably satisfying.

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This final dessert was probably our favorite. The Crumble Pie Flight consisted of three different flavors – Cherry, Blueberry, and Apple. Warm crumble fruit pies with cold, creamy ice cream on top? YES. All day erryday. One thing to note as you can see from the picture below: you do have to eat them pretty quickly if you don’t want the ice cream to melt. Although we found that the melted ice cream mixed together with the pie was actually pretty darn good, as well, so there’s no real need to rush.

Be sure to check them out at their Campbell and Los Gatos locations and let us know what you think!

Till next time, Nomsters!


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