Flights Restaurant: New Brunch Menu!

What’s up, Nomsters! We’re big fans of Flights Restaurant, which has locations all over the Peninsula and South Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they recently added some super awesome items to their menu! For those not in the know, Flights Restaurant’s concept is so cool! Pretty much every menu item they serve is a flight of three different styles of that particular dish. Flights of mac and cheese? Yup. How about a flight of three types of ahi tuna, or a flight of tropical cocktails? You bet. We don’t want to keep you waiting, so let’s check out a few of our favorites from the new menu!

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Belgian Waffles

The Belgian Waffles from Flights Restaurant are off their Brunch menu and were straight up fantastic. It comes with three different styles of waffles – Churro, Banana Foster, and Strawberries & Cream – and I’ll definitely be getting this one the next time I go! My absolute favorite of the three was probably the churro waffle, which literally tasted like churros. The other two were delicious, as well! If you want something a little bit lighter, the Strawberries & Cream is a good choice. It’s basically jam on waffles. The Banana Foster was a bit heavier and thicker, so bring a big appetite if you’re ordering this one!

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Flights Restaurant Belgian Waffle

Flights Bloody Mary

This brunch menu cocktail from Flights Restaurant is almost a meal in itself! The Bloody Mary is full of flavor with the perfect balance of savory and spicy tones that are complimented by all the tasty garnishes, including a huge celery stalk, lemon and lime wedges, a jalapeno slice, and two skewers of tomatoes, mozzarella, and beef.

Flights Restaurant Bloody Mary Flat Lay

Flights Restaurant Bloody Mary Front

Huevos Rancheros

The flight of Huevos Rancheros comes with black bean, street corn, and soyrizo, topped with a drool-worthy sunny side up egg. These are each about 4 to 5 bites, so you’ll definitely be pretty full unless you’re getting them to share. I definitely recommend popping that yolk and trying to make it cover everything. It adds that creamy, rich texture which perfectly compliments the crunchiness of the fried tortillas.

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Flights Restaurant Huevos Rancheros

Hopefully you can tell why we love Flights Restaurant so much! If you’ve never tried it, this is the perfect opportunity to go in and get a mix of their tried and true classics as well as their bomb new dishes. Their staff is always genuinely friendly and helpful at all their locations, too, so they can help you out if it’s hard to narrow your choices down. Till next time, Nomsters!

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