United Tastes of America: Massachusetts

Alright Nomsters, it’s been a minute since we last shared a United Tastes post, but we’re back with a vengeance.  We’re super excited to feature Jasmine Turner on our latest!  If you’re looking for the best noms in Massachusetts, get your notepad ready because her recommendations are going to blow your mind.

Name:  Jasmine Turner (@foodwithabite)

City/State: Boston, MA

Where to:

1.  Grab brunch with your friends: Monument is my favorite brunch spot in the greater Boston area. The rustic setting is warm and inviting, including a 40ft wooden bar which acts as the focal point. A close second is the 100% wood fired oven which is utilized on a daily basis, making the space reminiscent of a modern lodge retreat. When I have friends in town, there’s no question where i’m taking them for a mouthwatering brunch.

monument egg sandwich

2.  Satisfy late night cravings: Saus serves up the best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had! Somehow each bite melts in your mouth, while still being flawlessly crispy. Saus believes in the power of the condiment, which is why they have over 15 unique, homemade sauces on their menu. Each time i’m done a meal at Saus, I begin planning my next one before I leave.

saus sandwiches

3.  Splurge $$$ on a killer meal: Fried chicken and waffles tacos…OH MY?! Coastal Mexican restaurant and Boston brunch hotspot, Citrus & Salt, creates a whimsical atmosphere of something out of Alice & Wonderland. You might have a butterfly on your Mojito or Soft Serve Sorbet in your mimosa and you’ll want to keep exploring the imaginative menu items in repeat visits.  

citrus and salt drinks
4.  Go for date night: Dave’s fresh pasta, mozzarella cheese infused Margherita pizza, lemon ricotta cannoli, and a cozy setting. Semolina Kitchen & Bar is my favorite restaurant in Medford. Not only is their Margherita pizza the best I’ve ever had, the consistency of each dish guarantees an ideal dining experience for you and a partner. I recommend this restaurant to all of my friends and family. 

semolina dessert
5.  Eat clean“Eat clean, Drink naked”. Nu Kitchen will satisfy cravings you didn’t even know you had through healthy options. “NU” in French translates to “naked”. Don’t let the word health make you think their food is not tasty and vibrant; if anything the depth of the fresh ingredients are able to each play a lead role in every bite.

nu kitchen sandwiches
6.  Enjoy coffee/tea with a friend: Tatte elevates the quintessential ambiance of a coffee shop. From the variety of freshly baked, french inspired pastries to the hospitality of their staff, Tatte Bakery & Cafe is the ideal setting to spark conversation with a friend(s) over tasty treats. Just stop by and you’ll quickly become immersed in the Tatte culture. 

tatte coffee

7.  Dine on a budgetAuthentic Indian cuisine is hard to find in New England, but look no further! I’m lucky to have Masala Square Indian Kitchen in my neighborhood and my wallet is also thankful. Yes – you can have fantastic food on a budget. Yes – you can experience a different culture through expert seasoning and informative staff. I have yet to have one dish at this restaurant that didn’t blow me away and I highly recommend giving this newly opened place a visit.

indian food boston
8.  Find the best droolworthy dessert: Tucked away in the curves of the Financial District, this coffee shop and lounge is reinventing the average pastry. Tradesman’s name is derived from three central ideas; the Financial District location buzzing with Financial Traders, global coffee trading, and for the illustrious artisan craftsman. Tradesman pays homage to the men and women who have worked tirelessly to establish a future brighter and richer than which they were handed. These fresh baked pastries are a treat to its hardworking customers.

tradesman croissants
9.  Eat for the gram: This unassuming bakery really knows how to please the eyes as well as the taste buds. It’s not often that a dessert can look so good, but also delivery on quality taste. Luckily, that’s what Daniel’s Bakery has been doing for 60 years.

daniels milkshakes
10.  Go with a large group: Let’s gather around the dinner table and try something new! Brighton Bodega brings Tapas style, test kitchen to a whole new level. The menu is full of deconstructed popular dishes combined with eccentric ingredients to create something new in every bite.

brighton botega food


1.  Burger: Boston Burger Co, Somerville

boston best burger

2.  Pizza: Upper Crust Pizza, Cambridge

upper crust pizza

3.  Ice cream: Milk Bar Harvard Square, Cambridge

milk bar boston

4.  Asian food: Koy, Boston

koy boston

5.  Drink: Sugar & Spice, Somerville

sugar & spice

6.  Donuts: Blackbird, Boston

blackbird donuts

7.  Noodles: Noodle Lab, Boston

noodle lab boston

8.  Macaron:  Maca Boston

maca boston

Alright guys, we hope you enjoyed reading all about Boston’s best.  If you enjoyed this post, make sure to share it with a friend or two, especially if they’re heading to MA in the near future.  A huge, HUGE thanks to Jasmine for sharing her recommendations with us!  If you enjoyed her content, remember to check her out on instagram.  For more United Tastes of America features, click here.  Until next time, Nomsters!


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