A Foodie’s Guide to Shenandoah County, Virginia

Now that we’re vaxxed, we’ve been traveling up a storm, and we recently had the pleasure of visiting Shenandoah County.  It’s only about a 2 hour drive from where we’re at in Maryland so we’ll be returning ASAP.

They’re famous for their wine, but their food’s bomb as well.  For those of you looking to get away for a weekend, Shenandoah County’s a solid, SOLID option.  We only have a few recs we want to share today, but hopefully we’ll be heading back soon to write a more comprehensive guide.  For now, think of this as a foodie’s guide to 48 hours in the area.

Flour and Water Co.

For incredible pastries, stop by and take a minute (…or many minutes) to enjoy their carby deliciousness.  We didn’t want to overindulge so we got two things to share: a dulce de leche cruffin and chocolate chip cookie.

Flour and Water Co. cruffin

Both of us let out a huge “mmMMMm” after our first bites.  The cruffin was unbelievable – think flaky, buttery magic that we’d drive back for in a heartbeat.  And can we talk about how big this cookie is?  It was absolute perfection.

Flour and Water Co. cookie

We didn’t get any of their lunch items, but they have everything from banh mis to quiche so definitely make sure to grab a bite if you’re hungry.

They make all their noms with local ingredients whenever possible and offer freshly baked bread Wednesday-Saturday.  They also have afternoon tea service during the fall and winter so that’s a must for those of you visiting.

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Woodstock Brewhouse

woodstock brewhouse

Amazing beer, fantastic cider, and delicious food – what more could you ask for?  Whether you’re a beerhead or not, you’re bound to have an amazing time here.  The space is grand, like it’s high key humongous; think 14-foot ceilings with an overhead view of their operation.

woodstock brewhouse cider

The bar’s located up front, and you order at their register.  They have a fast casual vibe in that regard, but the food is anything but.  We walked in expecting generic bar food but left impressed.  The beer battered fish tacos were phenomenal, and they had a killer burger that we enjoyed.

woodstock brewhouse fish tacos

Said tacos were dressed with cheese, “sexi-slaw,” mango salsa and a chipotle aioli, while the latter came with bacon jam, sharp cheddar, lettuce and tomato on a soft challah bun.  You have the option of getting fries, chips, sweet potato fries or fried plantains as a side or upgrading to a salad.

woodstock brewhouse burgers

Woodstock Cafe

We had no idea they had food this good in Shenandoah County.  Dinner here is an absolute must, and we’re bummed we didn’t get to try more of their menu.  By the time we got there, we were already SO full from eating all day – if we knew noms were gon’ be this good, we would’ve fasted.

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We got 3 dishes to share, and everything was unbelievably good.  We kicked our meal off with an order of their burrata.  Accompanied by strawberries, rhubarb, mustard, baby arugula and house-made lavash, this appetizer was like a symphony of yum.  Big ups to the chef for adding pickled green strawberries to the mix, *chef’s kiss*.

Woodstock Cafe burrata

For our entrees, we got their mafaldine and pan roasted NC trout.  The pasta was easily some of the best we’ve had in the DMV area – cooked perfectly al dente and served with asparagus, Hen of the Woods, Edwards Smokehouse bacon, and parmesan fondue.

Woodstock Cafe mafaldine

We still dream about this dish and hope it’ll still be available in a month or two.  The fish was fantastic as well, but we’ll definitely be getting two servings of pasta the next time we go since we loved it THAT much.

Woodstock Cafe trout

Also, because their menu’s seasonal, they always have specials available.  We highly recommend you take advantage – they had a ravioli option when we went, and we’re low key kicking ourselves for not indulging.  Get. All. The. Carbs.

Route 11 Potato Chips

We went on an off day so we didn’t get to see much behind-the-scenes action, but it’s yet another excuse for us to return to Shenandoah County.  With flavors like Chesapeake crab and dill pickle, there’s a lot to love at this bomb potato factory.

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Route 11 Potato Chips

We recommend getting a sampler pack when you go!  It’s like $10 for all 9 flavors, and their kettle cooked chips are super flavorful and crispy as can be.  We’re big fans, and after trying said goodness firsthand, we can totally see why they’re so proud of Route 11.  We would be too.

Shenandoah Vineyards

You can’t leave without visiting a winery or two, and Shenandoah Vineyards has one of the best sparkling rosés we’ve ever tasted.  Head on over to their beautiful property to enjoy a flight, glass or bottle.

Shenandoah Vineyards flights

Their tasting room’s located in a Civil War era barn so it’s a vibe for sure.  They’re open daily from 11-5PM so swing by to enjoy vino with a view.

Shenandoah Vineyards wine

So, who’s excited to start planning their trip to Shenandoah County?  We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite eats – stay tuned for more content coming your way!  We’ve started updating Friday through Monday so definitely make sure to check back.  For more VA posts, click here.


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