Fundraising Efforts to Help Local Restaurants

Recently, we’ve seen several fundraising efforts and restaurant relief funds to help local restaurants, food-related businesses, and recently laid off restaurant workers, and we wanted to do our best to consolidate everything and spread it to as many people in our communities as we can.

help restaurants

It’s so important for us to band together and help our friends in the industry during this difficult time.  Restaurant margins are slim enough and who knows how long this craziness will last.  We understand that everyone’s hurting right now, but if you’re able to donate, please do so.



Bay Area

Los Angeles




New York

Rhode Island


Washington, DC

We’ll be updating this list daily so please shoot us a message on social or email us at nomtasticfoods@gmail.com to be included.  There’s no deadline, and we’re planning to share indefinitely so hit us up anytime.  We’ve also published posts on DC & SF restaurants currently offering take out/delivery – click on the respective cities to see!

Again, we understand that many of you (us included) were hit hard financially.  If you don’t have the money to donate or purchase at this time, you can still show your support by writing a positive review, sharing posts on social, liking, commenting, saving, etc.  Let’s do whatever we can to keep our local food scenes and culture strong.


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