Gadani: Egg Waffle Cone Ice Cream and Bomb Lattes

Happy almost-Halloween all you Nomsters!  Today, we get to talk about an awesome place with a unique take on both ice cream AND lattes. Gadani, located at 139 Berkeley Square in Berkeley, CA, is an awesome little spot to cool off and hang out while indulging in some new school decadence.

Right when you walk into Gadani you get a very earthy vibe with the different tones of wood, the potted plants, and, of course, the large bush on the wall with their name on it. We liked their Halloween spirit with the pumpkins, decorations above the ice cream, and the Fall themed flowers on the counter, as well!

As far as their ice cream goes, Gadani has some of the standards like chocolate and vanilla, but they also have some cool, unique ones like taro, rose, blueberry, and black sesame. They even have some seasonal flavors, and we got to try their pumpkin ice cream just in time for Halloween!

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But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. In addition to the dope ice cream flavors, they serve their ice cream in eggette cones! And they come in four flavors, which are Classic, Matcha, Chocolate, and Double Chocolate. You can definitely make some nomtastic combinations of ice cream and egg waffle flavors. Let’s get to the yummy stuff!

This was our creation at Gadani – classic egg waffle cone, scoops of Pumpkin and Blueberry ice creams, crushed Oreo’s, a wafer, and drizzled in honey. You can go at this however you choose, but just to let you know what worked best for us, we would break off one of the “eggs” from the cone (they’re semi-soft, but break off easily) and used it to scoop the ice cream. That way you get perfect ice cream/eggette bites every time. Super nomz.

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We also had the chance to try two of their iced lattes, which were super refreshing and tasty on the hot day that we visited. The first was their matcha latte, which we definitely recommend for people who may not be huge coffee fans, but still like refreshing tea drinks and who need a little pick-me-up. Matcha is one of our favorite things in the entire world and this latte did not disappoint. We got our pretty much unsweetened, which we prefer, but you can also make it sweet if that’s your “cup of tea” (awful joke, sorry).

The second was Gadani’s rose latte. The rose petals garnish on top was definitely a nice touch, and the rose flavor was just enough without overpowering the rest of the latte. It’s also just visually awesome that they serve the lattes unmixed to add some flare and color to the drinks. Mixing them is easy enough, and you can put caps on all iced lattes and drink them through a straw.

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If you’re in Berkeley, Gadani is a must-try! It’s conveniently located near campus so if you’re a student you can stop in anytime. They were even playing some chill Nujabes music in the store, which gave them extra points in our book. Till next time, Nomsters!


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  1. Jennifer
    October 30, 2017 / 1:47 pm

    All of the drinks and desserts looks so good! I have to visit there someday to try it out. 🙂

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