Ghostline, the New Food Hall That’s Making Waves in DC

Located at 2340 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Ghostline’s a “collective of top chefs who have joined forces to bring the highest quality restaurant experience to you at home.”  With everything from Detroit-style pizza to ramen, even the pickiest eater will leave satisfied.

Their outdoor eatery’s fully equipped for socially distanced food dates.  The bar and upper level deck are spacious so you’ll feel safe getting your nom on.  As a plus, it’s super instaworthy with a beautiful waterfall wall and vibrant mural.

We recently got a huge spread to go, and everything was fire. Here’s what was on the menu for us that day:  Ramen by Uzu’s Tsukemen, Little Beast’s Detroit Style pizza, Red Velvet Cupcakery’s cupcakes, and Queen Mother’s Nashville chicken sandwich.  Don’t ask us if we had a favorite because we didn’t.  It was all so solid, just go and get whatever you’re in the mood for because you honestly can’t go wrong.

We’ve had chef Hiro’s ramen in the past – it’s delicious in case you were wondering – so we decided to get something different this time around.  We love Tsukemen so when we saw that it was available, we had to indulge.

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tsukemen dc

Unsure what that is?  Think chilled noodles topped with all sorts of magic (seared pork loin, spinach, poached egg, corn, wakame, togarashi, scallions, menma, naruto, sesame seeds), served with chicken bone broth dipping sauce that’s enhanced with house-made miso and akakara spice.  Super flavorful with perfectly cooked noodz that will hit the spot each and every time!

Then came Little Beast.  Although we were intrigued by chef Kristen’s DC deck pizza, we couldn’t resist getting one of her Detroit Style pies.  We treated ourselves to her classic cheese, and it was such a good call.  It was thicc – with two cc’s for sure – with an airy middle and crunchy bottom.  The sauce was deep and delicious, and it came with copious amounts of melted cheese on top.  The epitome of decadence; comfort food at its best.

ghostline pizza

We didn’t think chef Kristen could impress us more after that epic pie, but apparently she’s also behind Red Velvet, Glover Park Ice Cream & Milkshakes and Ghostdog Egg Man?  Insane.  We’ll definitely be back to try all her concepts, but for now, let’s talk dessert.  We got four of her cupcakes, and they were damn good:

  • Devil’s food: rich chocolate buttermilk cake topped with E Guittard gourmet milk chocolate ganache.
  • Carrot cake: spiced cake with shredded carrot and whole pecans, topped with whipped cream cheese frosting
  • Summertime: light and lemony cake topped with whipped cream cheese then smothered in shredded coconut
  • Southern bell: whipped cream cheese on red velvet
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We’d bathe in her frosting if we could.  All of the aforementioned flavors were on point, but our favorites were red velvet and devil’s food.  We liked that her frosting wasn’t overly sweet, and the cake was soft and moist.  It was the perfect way to end our meal, and we highly recommend getting at least one for yourself to end things on a sweet note.

red velvet cupcake

Now, let’s rewind a quick sec because we skipped to dessert before discussing Queen Mother’s fried chicken sandwiches.  We were torn between their Korean fried chicken and their Nashville hot style, but ultimately the latter reigned supreme.

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Topped with Virginia pickles and spicy fire sauce, this sammie was a home run, even after the hour long car ride.  It was beautifully cooked – juicy but crispy on the outside – well sauced, and the flavors were really enjoyable.

queen mother's chicken sandwich

Plus, the sandwich was humongous so we got serious bang for our buck.  Now, we didn’t get any sides this ’round because we had so much food, but next time we’re definitely getting an order of their waffle fries.  They’re apparently cooked in duck fat and served in a savory house seasoning that’s to die for delicious.

Anywho, that’s a wrap for today Nomsters.  Thanks for tuning in on our latest review featuring Ghostline.  Curious to hear your thoughts – have any of you been yet?  If yes, which vendor did you enjoy the most?  Let us know by leaving a comment below, and click here to see more from our DC tab.  Until tomorrow!  See y’all soon.


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