Gogi Yogi: Half Price Wagyu on Wednesdays

Yes, you read that correctly!  Every Wednesday, Gogi Yogi offers half price wagyu.  So, the real question is, when are you and your friends heading over?

For those of you craving KBBQ in DC proper, Gogi Yogi’s your best – and only – option.  We recently had the pleasure of dining there, and we left happy and full.

Must Try Proteins at Gogi Yogi

They have all the “standard” proteins, but our personal favorites are their Australian Wagyu beef, New Zealand lamb, duck breast, and marinated spicy pork.

gogi yogi wagyu

There are several gluten-free options available along with a handful of halal meats!  All “For the Grill” dishes are served with complimentary banchan, and we were pleasantly surprised by their kimchi.  They make it all in house, and it’s actually really quite good.

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We may or may not have polished off several orders so expect to get your ferment on when you go.

What other dishes should you order?

You definitely want to get an order of their wings to start.  They’re twice fried and glazed in a crazy addictive sweet and spicy sauce.  Think super crispy and extremely flavorful – we’d honestly go back for their chicken alone.

gogi yogi korean fried chicken

Call us basic, but we can’t go to KBBQ and NOT get corn cheese.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying said dish, you’re high key missing out because this starter is BUSSIN’.  It’s a must for people who love cheese aka everyone.

corn cheese KBBQ

And last but not least, their french fries.  Served with a delectable spiced ketchup aioli, these are seasoned to perfection and portions are huge.  If you’re thinking about getting your drank on, definitely get a bowl for the table to share.

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Happy Hour FTW

gogi yogi happy hour

Because who doesn’t love happy hour!  Swing by for $6 drinks and delicious food specials Monday through Friday from 5-7PM – only available on their patio + front window.  As mentioned above, their Korean BBQ wings are an absolute must so make sure you get that + their french fries.

PS.  In addition to happy hour deals, they offer #TowerHour on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.  That means $20 off ridiculously big so-maek (soju + maekju aka beer) towers filled with lager and Jinro chamisul; $60 for one bottle, $75 for two.

…All You Can Eat Options?!?!?

Yassssss!  You have two choices.  Option A’s priced at $31.95 per guest and comes with marinated chicken, spicy chicken, pork belly, spicy pork belly, beef brisket, spicy pork and a veggie plate.  Option B includes all of the above plus GY beef steak, bulgogi and shrimp for an additional $10.

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We don’t typically do AYCE since we prefer ordering a la carte, but this is pretty damn tempting.  Note, there ARE a few restrictions so make sure you read the fine print before getting your nom on.  Leftover food may not be boxed or taken to go, and there’s a 90 minute limit.

Alright friends, that’s it for today.  We hope you enjoyed reading all about Gogi Yogi. Let us know what you thought by leaving us a comment below, and click here to browse more DC noms.  Until next time – happy eating!


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