Gordon Ramsay Steak: Fine Dining at its Best

We’ve been longtime fans of Gordon Ramsay so when his new steakhouse opened in Baltimore, we obviously had to go.  Located inside Horseshoe Casino, the restaurant was all sorts of hip.  We’d typically recommend dressing up for a place like this, but the crowd was a mix of casual and fancy soooo yeah.  Some were dressed to the nines and others came in jeans so wear whatever you please.  Gordon Ramsay Steak is divided into two sections: the lounge + the dining room.  If you’re looking to impress, the lounge is the way to go. Moody lighting and great ambiance? So much yas for date night.  However, if you’re like us and want to take beautiful photos of your food, ask for a table in the dining area.  It’s well-lit so you’ll be able to take some awesome snaps!  The decor inside the main dining space was impeccable, and we loved the British flag ceiling – you’ll see what we’re talking about once you go.

Anywho, we had a dinner reservation so we were seated immediately upon arrival.  We got a nice table in the back and were greeted by waitstaff promptly.  Now, if you think you’ve had good service before, you’re in for a surprise because the waitstaff here takes it all to a whole ‘nother level.  Our main waiter, Nezam Mojarrad, was incredible, and he made sure we had everything we needed at all times!  Hands down, THE most attentive and knowledge server ever.

Everything on the menu sounded great, but before we get to our food, we have to tell you guys about the meat cart (pictured below).  Just look at how impressive this display is!  Nezam showed us each and every one of their cuts and gave his recommendations.  GR Steak specializes in steak (obviously) so go and indulge.  It’s not going to be the cheapest meal you’ve ever had, but it’ll be well worth the $$$.

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Gordon Ramsay Steak meat cart

Japanese wagyu – $30 per ounce (cue the drool)…

Gordon Ramsay Steak Horseshoe Casino

We placed our order for the following apps and munched on bread while we waited:

  • Maryland Blue Crab Soup ($13):  seared blue crab, crispy leek, charred corn
  • British Ale Onion Soup ($12): guinness, caramelized onion broth, welsh rarebit
  • Maine Lobster ($26): chorizo stuffed, pattypan squash, chipollini onions, brandied lobster cream sauce
  • Maryland Crab Cake ($19):  blue crab, old bay aioli, asian pear slaw

Before we get to the food, we gotta shout out their bread platter because it was exceptional.  It came with bacon fig brioche, lemon thyme focaccia, blue cheese walnut baguette, and english butter.  It seriously took us every ounce of self control not to ask for seconds.  Is it bad that we judge places based on their complimentary carbs?

Gordon Ramsay Steak Baltimore

Standout apps were definitely the crabcake and Maryland crab soup.  The crabcake was perfectly cooked and filled with 99% meat.  The pear slaw elevated everything tenfold – we loved how the texture contrasted with the crab, and it had just the right amount of acidity.  The soup was presented masterfully (poured at the table), and the flavors were unique yet delicious.

Gordon Ramsay Steak crabcake

above:  crabcake goals || below:  crab soup goals

Gordon Ramsay Steak Maryland Crab Soup

As you can see, the lobster was beautifully plated.  The flavor profile was pretty unexpected though.  The brandied cream sauce tasted a lot like curry to us.  If you’re a fan of asian-inspired dishes, you’ll probably love this dish!  Props to the chef for cooking this lobster exquisitely – it was SO tender.  Anddd last but not least, the french onion soup.  This was our least favorite of the bunch because it was just ok. If you want to start your meal off with soup at Gordon Ramsay Steak, we recommend getting the MD blue crab soup mentioned above.

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Gordon Ramsay Steak lobster appetizer

Now onto entrees.  We were so beyond excited to try…

  • American Wagyu Filet, 8oz ($72):
  • Roasted Beef Wellington ($54): served with glazed root vegetables, potato purée and red wine demi-glace.
  • House Made Steak Sauce ($4)
  • Peppercorn Sauce ($4)
  • Mushrooms ($13):  shiitake mushrooms, soy glaze, fried garlic, scallions
  • Creamed Spinach ($11): gratinéed with parmesan cream.

Since good ol’ GR always talks about Beef Wellington on his TV shows, we couldn’t resist trying this dish for ourselves at his new steakhouse.  So, does it live up to the hype? Abso-freaking-lutely.  This plate went over and beyond our very high expectations, and we’re still craving it.  The American wagyu was also stupid good.  The meat here will seriously melt in your mouth, and you’ll leave completely and utterly satisfied.

The sides and house made sauces were really delicious, too!  The mushrooms were to-die-for yummy, and we couldn’t get enough of them.  The creamed spinach was tasty as well, but if we had to choose between that and the mushrooms, we’d definitely go for the shrooms.  Next time, we’re getting their mac and cheese and loaded baked potato in addition to our shiitake noms.  Oh and truffle fries.  Those too.

Gordon Ramsay Steak beef wellington

above:  look at how purdy our beef looks – Gordon Ramsay Steak FTW || below:  getting our sauce on

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Gordon Ramsay Steak house sauces Gordon Ramsay Steak sides

We couldn’t leave Gordon Ramsay Steak without trying his dessert menu (duh) soooo we ordered their Sticky Toffee Pudding ($16) and S’mores Cheesecake ($13).  Holy freaking crap, Nomsters.  The Sticky Toffee Pudding is LIFE!  It’s a sweet pudding cake doused in brown sugar toffee that’s served with brown butter ice cream, and it is everything good in the world on a plate.  The ice cream’s blurred out below, but it came out looking like a stick of butter.  Cool, right?  We’d undoubtedly go back just for this dessert.

The cheesecake was made of mascarpone cheese and chocolate ganache and was served with burnt marshmallow ice cream.  This wasn’t really our jam so we probably wouldn’t get this again, but it looked pretty?  You guys might really like it though so don’t let that deter you from trying it.  The great thing about food is that there’s something for everyone so give it a shot if it sounds good to you…in addition to their pudding of course.

Gordon Ramsay Steak dessert menu

above:  seriously – get the pudding || below:  cheesecake

Gordon Ramsay Steak desserts

And that’s it, guys!  Gordon Ramsay Steak is one of those places you just have to experience firsthand.  We know it’s a lot of money, but YOLO.  Save up and splurge for a special occasion for an unforgettable meal that’ll have you salivating for weeks to come.  Remember:  beef wellington, American wagyu, mushrooms, and sticky toffee pudding.  Those are our favorites, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.  To browse more from our MD tab, click here.  Happy eating, errbody!

A huge thanks to David Lee (the food & beverage director at Horseshoe Casino) for the invite!



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    Iā€™m definietly interested in trying this restaurant out! Thanks for the detailed review. šŸ™‚

    • nomtasticfoods
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