Gourmonade: SF’s Refreshing Luxury Lemonade

What’s up, Nomsters! We recently stumbled across Gourmonade when doing some research on local black-owned food businesses in San Francisco, and decided to give their drinks a try. We’ve had a fair number of lemonades in our day, and a lot of the more common ones you see – especially the big brand name ones – are too sweet for our taste. It’s understood that we Americans are generally obsessed with sugar so these companies are obviously going for mass appeal, but c’mon, lemonade needs some tartness! It was a pleasant surprise to see (and taste!) that Gourmonade’s various drinks perfectly balance sweetness and tartness even when mixing in other flavors for super unique combinations.

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What first caught our attention was the variety and uniqueness of the flavors they offer. On their website, we ordered their Gourmonade (their take on a classic lemonade), The Ginger (lemonade and ginger), Jasmine Palmer (jasmine tea and lemonade), and Beymonade (lemonade and strawberry purée), and they were all really tasty!

We love Arnold Palmers, and Gourmonade’s Jasmine Palmer was such a cool twist on the refreshing classic. Jasmine tea, in particular, has a very distinctive and soothing flavor, which they’ve managed to blend seamlessly within their recipe. So if you’re a tea fan, this one’s for you. We also thoroughly enjoyed the Beymonade, which actually has more texture from the purée. On that note, all of the lemonades had a good deal of pulp, so that’s one thing to consider if that’s a deal breaker for you. Both of these drinks are a little on the sweeter side, so if you prefer tartness more, we recommend their original Gourmonade.

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The Ginger was also really refreshing and is awesome for relaxing outside on a warm summer day, although the flavor was pretty strong, so if you’re only somewhat a fan of ginger, you may want to stick to the other ones.

In general, the flavors are actually pretty strong straight out of the bottle, so we enjoyed them more over ice to dilute them a little bit. But once you get the right balance, holy cow, this stuff is refreshing and good! Gourmonade has found a way to take lemonade to the next level, and if they keep innovating and experimenting with new flavors, we can see this really catching on. All in all, we’re glad we happened across them!

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They ship nationwide and you can place your order right on their website. They even offer free delivery within San Francisco on orders over $28! Check them out and definitely consider trying their lemonades for yourself!


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