Gram SF’s Cool Premium Pancakes!

We’ve written about Gram SF’s delicious Signature Soufflé Pancakes before, but what you may not know is that they also have a cold version that is two pancakes sandwiching some custard cream filling! What’s even better is they’re offering these to-go during shelter in place, so you can either do curbside pickup at Stonestown mall, or you can order delivery through most of the delivery apps including GrubHub and Postmates. One is priced at $5, or you can buy four for $20 and get one free!

We were really impressed by the subtleness of the flavors and the attention to detail AND quality. Gram’s pancakes are always super light and fluffy, and their house-made custards were creamy and not overly sweet, so they were really enjoyable to nibble on. Check out the awesomeness and order some for you and your crew (or just you)!

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This is Gram SF’s original custard recipe and it’s fantastic. If you’re trying these for the first time, definitely start here so you can appreciate and understand where it all started.


Their matcha flavor was good, but it was probably our least favorite of all four. It’s still a very pleasant experience, but matcha is one of those things that has become so popular and widespread that more and more people are developing a palette for it and are able to discern good from amazing. This is one of those circumstances where it’s definitely tasty and worth a try, but we’ve had better tasting matcha desserts elsewhere.

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In usual Japanese fashion, Gram SF has found a way to make the flavor of the Oreo custard very subtle and nuanced, which is impressive considering how bold Oreos are normally. It kind of tastes like cookies and cream ice cream, so if that’s your jam, give this one a try!

Seasonal Flavor (Sesame)

This one was our favorite and was probably the most flavorful. If you’re a sesame fan, this one will definitely satisfy. The sesame was actually pretty strong – to the point where it kind of tasted like peanut butter, but we love that and hope this becomes part of the regular menu!

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