Photo Dump of our 16-Course Meal at Gravitas

If you love fine dining, you’re in for a real treat today.  Who’s excited to see highlights from our latest meal at Gravitas?  Located in the heart of Ivy City, this one-Michelin star restaurant is making waves for more reasons than one.

In addition to everything they do at this incredible establishment, chef-owner Matt Baker is out to conquer the world (or at least the DMV area) with new concepts left and right.  You guys already know about Baker’s Daughter, but we’ll be sharing a Michele’s feature with y’all very soon so keep an eye out.

We cover Gravitas ALL the time on our account, but this was our first time experiencing chef’s counter, and it was really quite special.  This massive 16-course meal lasted for about 3-4 hours – suffice it to say, there are only 1-2 seatings for 2 available per night due to sheer length.  It’s about $300 per person, depending on what you get to drink, add-ons, tip etc.

We loved having front row seats to the kitchen – you get to see the team in action, and it’s extraordinary.  And this goes without saying, but service is impeccable, and the food’s fantastic.  So, here’s what was on the menu that evening…

The meal started off with a bunch of “small” bites that were presented exquisitely:

  • watercress vichyssoise, trout roe
  • tomato sorbet, anise hyssop, heirloom tomato
  • twice fried oyster, sweet chili
  • tuna tartar, black vinegar
  • melon soup, pickled shrimp
  • grilled lobster, unagi glaze (pictured below)
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grilled lobster

Then came the wagyu and hamachi crudo.  Served with yuzu koshu aioli, soy vinaigrette and crispy shallots, this was easily one of our favorite dishes.  The fish was fresh as can be, and the meat was cooked so beautifully.  Everything just melted in our mouths, and we legit gobbled it all up within minutes.

hamachi wagyu crudo

We didn’t think they could impress us more than they already had, but then came their Treasure Box.  Executive sous chef James Collura informed us that this was a Gravitas original; a dish SO delicious, they kept it on the menu since day 1.

As you can see below, you have foie gras spread, topped with tuna tartare and a generous amount of osetra caviar.  You enjoy it with freshly baked truffle brioche (in “feather locklear”) and traditional accoutrement.  Just wow.  This was so insanely delicious.  What a combination, and they’re super generous with the truffle shavings.

foie gras spread

Then came their fettucine, made with wax pepper soffrito and Maryland crab.  We were hoping there was a pasta dish on the menu, so we were beyond excited to dig in.  The sauce was light and beautiful which helped highlight the copious crabby goodness.  The only issue at that point?  We were already stuffed, and we still had a long, LONG way to go!

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Next up:  gold zucchini veloute, seared scallop, squash blossom, caviar, and pumpkin seed…

seared scallop

…and then after that, grilled Maine lobster with pork belly, corn pudding and popcorn.  This was insanely rich, but each bite was heavenly, and the popcorn was so creatively incorporated.

pork belly gravitas

Are you guys getting full just looking at these pics because we kinda sorta are.  Now, ready for the final savory dish?  Here we have chef James’ duck tagine, served with fennel cream, crispy panisse and preserved lemon jus.  It was damn tasty, and we were so moved to hear that he had made it just for us!

duck tagine

We say this ALL the time, but no meal’s complete without dessert, and we knew we were in for a serious treat because pastry chef Aisha Momaney doesn’t mess around.  We kicked the dessert portion off with “Noah’s Arcade,” a fabulous cheese course served with honeycomb, fig onion jam and lavash & crostini.


And by the way, she literally cut honeycomb for us in front of our eyes, and it was so fun to watch.  Easily THE best honey we’ve ever tasted and such a beautiful way to transition into sweets portion of the meal!

cajeta sundae

Then came a beautiful blueberry sundae, made with cajeta ice cream, blueberry compote and coconut shortbread.  If you’re unfamiliar with cajeta, think of it as a thickened caramel of sorts.  We couldn’t stop eating it even though we were stuffed – the flavor combination was so delightful, and it was sweet but not overwhelmingly so which we very much appreciated.

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Anddddd finally, s’mores.  Yes, you read correctly, bougie s’mores because Aisha is the GOAT.  They had a small fire set in front of us – SO FREAKING COOL – and served us a tray with house-made graham cracker, vanilla marshmallow, and chocolate.  Absolutely insane.  We ended up taking the majority home but man, was it delicious!


The meal came to a close with some mignardises, but before we leave you, we can’t end this post without mentioning the amazing, AMAZING Judy Elahi.  She’s the beverage director at Gravitas, and we got a slew of amazing cocktails throughout our meal.  We’ve featured her in many of our reels in the past so definitely make sure to comb through and take a look.  Also, a big shoutout to Carla, the GM, and her team for taking such good care of us.

Alright Nomsters, that’s a wrap for today.  We hope you enjoyed reading about our latest Michelin-star meal.  For more on DC eats, click here and stay tuned for more content coming your way soon.  Until next time – eat all the things because you don’t need a special occasion to splurge.


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