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Love Mediterranean Food? Here’s Why You Need to Try Hazel

Hats Off to the New Chef at Hazel

When I found out that Chef Rob Rubba left Hazel, I was pretty much devastated, but s’all good in the hood because Chef Robert Curtis is killin’ it.  Hazel was the epitome of dope asian fusion, but now they’re all about Turkish and Mediterranean-inspired dishes.  I had the opportunity to go and try their dinner menu, and I left completely and utterly satisfied.

Hazel’s Bomb Cocktail Menu

If you haven’t been to Hazel yet, you need to go.  It’s the perfect date night spot.  The interior is beautiful – like ermergerd, the bar will blow your mind – the service is 100%, and the ambiance is second to none.  I started my meal off with a lovely cocktail called the “Winter Spritz.”  It was the perfect aperitif, and call me basic, but I loved the ombre colors.  If you’re a fan of sparkling wine, you’ll absolutely love this drink.

hazel cocktails

For my second cocktail, I got their PB&J (pictured below)!  This was super unique, and it was made with bourbon, myrtle berry, grape molasses, and sesame.  To be honest, I liked their “Winter Spritz” more, but this was still a solid option.  They have a ton of other cool dranks available so make sure you guys indulge.  I’m definitely getting their “Southern Italian Sunrise” the next time I go!

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hazel bar dc

Why You Need to Try Hazel’s Dips

Now onto noms!  I got a ton of food so I hope you guys are ready.  I started my meal off with an order of their bread + spreads.  It was dark so I didn’t get a good pic of the laffa (it looks and tastes like pita), but it was warm, fluffy and delish aka a carb lover’s dream.  You can get 3 dips for 10 so I went with that.  I highly recommend their zhug (roasted garlic, parsley, jalapeño, and aromatic spices) and their muhammara (roasted red pepper, walnut, pomegranate molasses).

hazel dc dips

What to Order at Hazel

Their menu’s divided into different sections: greens, grains, meats and “feast” aka family style dishes – the other plates were more like tapas.  I didn’t get any big dishes because it would’ve been too much for me, but I ordered a variety of small plates to sample.  Again, hard to choose favorites because everything was so good, but must-tries include their charred green cabbage, their barley risotto, and their gnocchi.

hazel tapaas dc

The cabbage ($10) had a beautiful texture to it, and the flavors were out of this world.  It was topped with crispy garlic and drenched in this orange caraway vinaigrette, and it was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.  Whether you like cabbage or not, I guarantee you’ll love this plate… or at least find it interesting (in a good way, of course).

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hazel beet salad

Here’s a shot of their smoked beet salad with farmer’s cheese, zhug and apple ($12).  I didn’t list this as a must-try because good beet salad always tastes kind of the same to me – maybe that’s ignorant to say, but it’s how I feel, ha!  It’s either good or bad in my book, but I’ve never had a beet salad that’s blown my mind.  This is a tasty option though so if you’re a beet fiend, get an order for your table.

hazel barley risotto

Anddd onto their barley risotto ($10) – now this was spectacular.  It contained wild herbs, preserved lemon and parmesan, and I loved that they topped it with lil’ bits of popcorn.  The barley was al dente so the texture was on point, and the popcorn bits added even more dimension with their chewiness.

hazel gnocchi

Last but not least, their gnocchi ($17) served with poblano pork ragout, pickled onion and cilantro.  This was quite possibly one of the best gnocchi dishes I’ve ever had so obviously, I can’t recommend it enough.  Think pillowy soft pieces of goodness in a hearty ragout with shredded pieces of melt-in-your-mouth pork.  Need I say more? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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matcha tart hazel

I obviously couldn’t leave without trying a dessert so I got their matcha tart ($11) to end my dinner on a sweet note – it contained yuzu curd and was topped with white chocolate mousse.  This wasn’t the best dessert I’ve ever had, but I’m also biased because I’m not super into citrusy desserts.  It kind of reminded me of key lime pie soooo if you like key lime pie, you will LOVE this tart, lol.  I’m more into chocolatey desserts so clearly it’s a matter of personal preference.  The presentation was beautiful though!  I almost didn’t want to cut into it because the mousse was so perfect.

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoyed reading about Hazel!  Make sure you let me know what you thought of today’s post by leaving a comment below.  Remember, we update every Monday and Thursday so make sure you check back soon for new content that will keep you droolin’ on the regular.  For more DC foodporn, click here!  Sending y’all the best foodie vibes from the DMV.


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