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Hearts of Empowerment’s Eat Up! Initiative

Nomsters, we have a very special post for you guys today so we hope you’re excited.  We recently met up with Jhunyae Kim, one of the co-founders of Hearts of Empowerment, to discuss their new Eat Up! Initiative with Timber Pizza Co, and we can’t wait to talk deets.  See what their amazing organization is all about and definitely make sure to help us spread the word.

Tell us about Hearts of Empowerment. How did it come about, and what’s your mission.

In 2013 one of our founders and CEO, Correy Faciane, attended a volunteering event at Eddie’s Club; a non-profit recreational center designed to provide events and activities for the disabled community. While Correy was volunteering, he took notice of the condition the center was in. The facility had flat basketballs, old gaming systems, toys with broken or missing pieces, etc.

Correy decided to discuss with the owner of Eddie’s Club about his concerns. He discovered that Eddie’s Club was in dire need of funding and could not afford to update the center’s resources. It was this moment that sparked an idea, that would eventually lead to the creation of Hearts Of Empowerment.

Ultimately, a love for entrepreneurship and philanthropic work led 3 recent college graduates to creating their own and unique nonprofit organization. Our vision is to ensure no organization closes their door due to lack of funding or awareness. Our mission is to create strategic events that promote fundraising and awareness; giving charities the power to fight on.

Is this your first campaign for the Eat Up! Initiative?

Yes, this is our first campaign for the Eat Up! Initiative. We received funding from Acts of Alexandria to provide relief and support to residents of Alexandria, VA and our Eat Up! Campaign came to life.

How did your partnership with Timber come about?

During a brainstorming session, we decided to come up with an event that involved partnering with a food truck or something similar to give out free food to residents in Alexandria, VA.

Timber Pizza Co happened to be one of the companies that we had found during the search. Not only did we want to partner with someone who had delicious food but was also passionate about lending a helping hand to their community. They were the perfect fit, and we’re glad to be working with them.

Are there any other Eat Up! collaborations coming up that people should keep an eye out for?

On August 29th we’ll be handing out 140 more pizzas to the residents of ParcView Apartment. This will be the last of our 3 visits to neighborhoods across Alexandria, VA.

Other than this amazing campaign, are you working on other initiatives to help with COVID relief?

Our Eat Up! Campaign is actually our 5th COVID relief campaign this year. We’ve been able to raise over $30,000 to assist various communities who have been negatively affected by this pandemic. Our 6th campaign is coming soon but I can’t say too much about it!

Follow us @heartsofempowerment on Facebook and Instagram, and @hearts_org on Twitter to stay up to date! You can also check out all the COVID-19 campaigns we have done so far on our website at

How can people help your amazing organization?

You can support Hearts of Empowerment by interacting with us on social media, telling a friend or family member about us, or donating to our cause. A dollar to us is a fight for all causes!  Please visit our website at to donate and learn more.

Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed reading about their incredible mission on our latest.  We know times are tough for everyone right now so if you’re not in a position to donate, please consider promoting them on social instead because every little bit helps!  For those of you who are new to our blog, we update daily so make sure to check back soon.  Until tomorrow, friends!

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