Hi Fi Donuts: The Best Donuts in Portland, Maine

If you’re heading to Portland, ME and you have a sweet tooth, get your notepad out because I’m about to drop some serious knowledge on y’all.  Everyone talks about the Holy Donut, but I don’t really understand the hype.  Some might say that’s blasphemous, but hey, it is what it is – I’m always going to keep it real, even if it’s against popular opinion.

hifi donutstwist donut

Located on 30 City Center, this welcoming shop does everything from donuts to vegetarian sandwiches so there’s something for everyone.  They offer three different types here:  yeast, cake and cruller.  Their yeast noms are made with a Liquid Riot lager, which “gives the dough a hoppy & aromatic flavor.”  Their cake noms are made with sour cream, and they’re the epitome of decadence – available in both chocolate and vanilla – and their crullers are as light as clouds.  The fluff factor alone will keep you coming back for more, and yes, I’ll allow you to thank me in advance.

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hifi donuts portlandbacon donut

They have over 30 flavors available so there’s a lot to choose from.  Their selection includes standard classics like cinnamon sugar and chocolate glaze, but they also have unique flavors like candied apple cider and hibiscus salted chocolate.  Lucky for you guys, their pricing’s really affordable so treat yourself.  Go all out and get a half dozen ($11) to sample and share because food is happiness, and everyone should be happy.  Note:  they fry their donuts in lard and don’t offer veg sweets so if you’re looking for vegan donuts, the Holy Donut is probably your best option.

veggie sandwichhifi hashbrown

Their breakfast and lunch sandwiches are also out of this world.  I tried their breaded eggplant with fresh tomato, pesto and egg, and I’m convinced it’s the best way to start the day.  Their brekkie sandwiches are $5.50 a pop, and you can make it a combo for an additional fee.  Get coffee or a homemade hash brown for an upcharge of $1.50 or both for $2.50.  Indulge in a carb of your choice – options are as follows: a donut (ring or roll), crusty Italian, white bread, bulky roll, ciabatta, english muffin, and two gluten free options for extra $.

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hifi lobster roll

Their lunch offering is even more impressive, and must try sammies include their Peri Peri chicken ($8) and their donut lobster roll ($23).  HiFi makes everything in house from scratch so each bite will leave you totally satisfied.  The former comes with peri peri mayo, lettuce, and tomato on a fresh egg roll, and the latter’s made with succulent lobster, bib lettuce, parsley and chive, which is then topped with lemon honey aioli.  I asked them to flip the bread this time ’round – donut for the chicken sandwich and roll for the lobster – and both were delicious.  Get whatever you’re in the mood for though!  Donut sandwiches aren’t my jam so I prefer ciabatta but to each their own.

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chicken donut sandwich

So, what looks yummiest to you guys?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  PS.  My Portland food guide is going live Saturday so make sure you keep an eye out to read all about the best noms in ME.  Excited to share more very soon, Nomsters!  Happy eating.


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