Honey Creme SF: Must Try Soft Serve in San Francisco

2021 Update: Unfortunately, Honey Creme SF has closed permanently. If you’re looking for some good soft serve in SF, check out Matcha Cafe Maiko!

Sup, Nomsters! We’re super excited to tell you all about Honey Creme SF, located at  839 Irving St, which is one of the best and most unique soft serve joints in San Francisco! This will be a brief write up, but we think the pictures speak for themselves, and we couldn’t recommend this place more! They differ from the vast majority of soft serve places because they have set menu items instead of giving you bins of toppings that you can use to customize your own, but we don’t see this as a downside at all. Their flavor combinations are delicious, refreshing, unlike any other soft serve we’ve tried, AND they make all their flavors in-house! Let’s get to it!

Honey Creme SF Soft Serve and Drink

First up from Honey Creme SF, my favorite flavor was definitely the Honey Comb. They use their milk cream soft serve and top it with an organic honey comb and honey drizzle that they source locally in the Bay Area! If you’re a fan of honey, this is a definite must-try, and the real, organic honey comb adds some interesting texture.

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Honey Creme SF Soft Serves

Honey Creme SF also puts out seasonal flavors that are off the chain. The flavor in the image below and on the right in the image above was their Earl Grey with Boba soft serve. This one is, unfortunately, no longer available, but it tasted exactly like earl grey tea. No joke. I highly recommend checking in often with them to see what new flavors they’re putting out because we were seriously impressed with this one. The boba, like the honey comb, adds some texture, but also it kind of made me feel like I was eating a frozen boba tea.

Honey Creme SF Earl Grey with Boba Soft Serve

Below is their Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate soft serve. For this one, they use vanilla soft serve and top it with dark chocolate drizzle, which hardens after being poured on, and a pinch or two of Hymalayan Salt. This is a regular menu item and is perfect for those of you who enjoy salty and sweet things. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate chip cookies with salt, chocolate covered pretzels, or anything of the like, you need to try this. The dark chocolate drizzle goes really well with the soft serve since it’s not as sweet as milk chocolate, and overall it felt the most decadent of the flavors we tried.

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Honey Creme SF Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate Soft Serve

Last, but not least, we tried one of their specialty drinks called Summer Honey Lemon. Honey Creme SF actually has a full menu of these colorful, refreshing drinks and after trying this one, I’d say they’re definitely worth a try. It was a cool take on a lemonade and a good combination of sweet and sour, although I thought the flavor was a little intense.Take that with a grain of salt, though, because I’m the kind of person who dilutes juice with water because I find the flavor too intense most of the time. Yeah, if I pour myself a glass of orange juice at home, I typically fill the glass up at least half with water. I would recommend the soft serve over the drinks, but I’d still say give them a try on a hot day!

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Honey Creme SF Summer Honey Lemon Drink

All in all, Honey Creme SF was a grand slam for me. The soft serve is perfect, the toppings are fresh and locally sourced, and the staff was super friendly and helpful. Give them a try and let us know what you think! Till next time, Nomsters!

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