Hot Lola’s: The Best Chicken Sandwich in Ballston

The New Must-Try Restaurant in Ballston Quarter

Chick-fil-a what?  If you’re looking for a solid chicken sandwich in the DMV, you’re welcome in advance.  Chef Kevin Tien of Himitsu recently opened Hot Lola’s in Ballston Quarter, and the food is fire, like quite literally.  They sell Sichuan x Nashville style chicken, and you can get it helllllla spicy, which is awesomesauce since I like my food burn-my-stomach hot.

kevin tien

What to Get at Hot Lola’s

His menu’s short and sweet – you can get a sandwich ($7.50), tenders ($8.50) and/or a tenderdog ($5.50).  The sandwich is topped with slaw, pickles, and drizzled with comeback sauce on a sesame seed bun.  The tenders (3 pieces) come with slaw, pickles, secret sauce and toast.  Anddd l didn’t get to try the tenderdog so I’m not 100% sure, but I’m assuming it’s the same deal as the sandwich, just with a toasted bun.  As you can see, prices are super affordable, and that’s with the 4% fair wage and wellness provision that’s added.

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An Extra 4% Charge?

You’re probably wondering what that extra charge is, right?  It’s Chef Kevin’s way to ensure that ALL of his employees are well taken care of so you should happily dole out the extra $.  In fact, I hope this is something everyone eventually does.  Also, they donate a portion of their sales to the Human Rights Campaign…as if you needed yet another reason to support them! So, feel good about going and stuffing your face because you’re giving back by eating delish food.  I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that.

hot lola's tenders

How Hot’s Too Hot?

OK, back to his sammies.  You can customize your heat from not hot to too hot – I haven’t tried the “too hot” option yet, but OG hot was nice and flavorful.  The chicken was cooked to crispy perfection, and the inside was nice and moist.  The pickles added sweetness while the coleslaw’s creaminess provided a lovely contrast to the heat.  Get it with a side of curly fries ($3) for an epic meal that’ll keep you happy and full.

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hot lola's curly frieshot lola's chicken sandwicheshot lola's chicken

Alright Nomsters, who’s excited to try Hot Lola’s?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  And also comment with your favorite chicken sandwich in the DMV area.  For more VA noms, check out this tab and stay tuned for more delicious content.  Happy eating, friends!


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