What to Order from Iron Gate’s Summer Menu

Alright Nomsters, you’re in for a treat today!  I recently checked out Iron Gate’s summer menu with the lovely Rose Collins, and I’m delighted to report that everything was as delicious as expected. If you’re looking for amazing eats in the DC area, this restaurant is an absolute must-try.  They have a special place in my heart for a number of reasons.  To start, they were the first place Robby and I covered together as a team.  On top of that, their food is always on point and their patio is absolutely beautiful.

To start, Rose and I got two drinks: the Millefiori (the reddish cocktail) and Walk the Lime.  The former was made with civic vodka, st. germain, doc ciccio figli ce ra sum, and hibiscus soda, while the latter contained mezcal, rhum agricole, house lime toasted coconut cello, lime, bergamot, and egg white.  They’re both tasty so you can’t go wrong.  I know that’s not very helpful, but I’ve seriously never gotten a bad drink here so go with whatever your liquor preference is.

iron gate cocktails

Then came the food, and Chef Tony Chittum straight up killed it!  Here are my personal favorites from the tasting:

  • Spice Roasted Heirloom Carrots: served with harissa paste, cilantro, Sicilian pistachios and yogurt sauce
  • Local Spring Radishes: served with Path Valley butter and Allium variations
  • Sesame Crusted Feta: coated with sesame seeds and served in Earth + Eats honey & vin cotto
  • Maryland Soft Shell Crab: served with fried green tomatoes, ham chips and Calabrian chili aioli

 Iron Gate's Summer Menu appetizers

Who knew vegetables could be so good?  These carrots and radishes were so fresh, and Chef Chittum enhanced their natural flavor brilliantly.  If I absolutely had to pick between the two, I’d go with the carrots – because they were so well done – but the radishes make a great starter as well.

Iron Gate's Summer Menu feta cheese

Praise the cheese gods!  Tony’s feta was obscenely good, and pairing it with the honey was such a great call.  Get an order and share this plate of creamy, sweet goodness with someone you love or at least like a lot because otherwise you won’t want to share.  Pictured below is the soft shell crab fried to perfection – a must-try for seafood lovers everywhere!

Iron Gate's Summer Menu soft shell crab

After entrees, uber-talented pastry chef Paola Velez brought out three desserts for us to share:

  • Coffee Cake:  served with baklava wafers, cinnamon, and Stumptown gelato with a shot of espresso
  • Paula’s Popsicles:  a trio of passion fruit, strawberry banana and cinnamon
  • Flourless Chocolate Brownie:  served with sorghum, whiskey fudge, and caramel gelato

Iron Gate's Summer Menu desserts

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, everything was fantastic.  However, my favorite was the flourless brownie. I’m definitely biased though because I’m a sucker for all things chocolatey.  Which dessert looks the yummiest to you guys?  Definitely let me know by leaving a comment below, friends.

Iron Gate's Summer Menu browniesIron Gate's Summer Menu

For those of you interested in tasting Iron Gate’s summer menu – and this should be everyone by the way – they’re located on 1734 N Street NW.  Request a table outside and make sure you indulge from start to finish!  Go all out and get the works, I’m talking about drinks, apps, entrees, AND desserts.  Happy eating, friends.

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