Jinya Now Offering Dinner Packs To Go

Hey Nomsters!  Looking to enjoy ramen in the comfort of your home?  Well then, we have some good news for you.  Jinya’s now offering dinner packs to go, and here’s what’s available for your ordering ease:

jinya dinner

Dinner for 1:  Priced at $28, this includes one baby leaf salad, either pork gyoza or a 5 piece crispy chicken small plate, one ramen – choose from JINYA chicken, JINYA tonkotsu black, spicy chicken, or spicy creamy began), and a cocktail.  For drinks, you have the option of getting a lycheetini, Tokyo Delight, Purple Dragon Mule or the JINYA Manhattan.

Dinner for 2:  This set’s priced at $54, and it includes 2 baby leaf salads, pork gyoza or a 10 piece crispy chicken set, two bowls of ramen, and one cocktail option for two.

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jinya crispy chicken

And last but not least, you have their Dinner for 4 set for $100.  This comes with 4 salads, pork gyoza or 15 pieces of crispy chicken, 4 noodz, and two cocktail options for four people.

We got a two person set, and it came with a ton of food.  Think giant salads, huge chunks of chicken – definitely make sure to throw this in your oven or air fryer before enjoying – two decent sized bowls of ramen and drinks.

jinya ramen

We went with their Purple Dragon Mule, which was made with tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, ginger beer, malbec and fresh mint.  The presentation was really cool, and we were impressed that the colors stayed separated throughout the hour long car ride!  The use of malbec allows the red to float on top, creating a really cool visual effect that’s great for those of you looking for instaworthy food shots.

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jinya dinner sets

So, what do you guys think of Jinya’s dinner packs?  Would you give ’em a try or nah?  Where do you like to get your ramen?  Let us know by leaving a comment below, and check out our DC tab for more eats.  We update our blog every day so we hope to see you back soon!  Until next time, Nomsters.


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