Kagawa-Ya Udon: Crazy Innovative Monthly Specials!

So, we’ve written about Kagawa-Ya Udon on the blog in the past, but one of the most awesome things we’ve seen them do over the years is experiment with combining all sorts of flavors, textures, and cultural influences when creating their ultra unique specials! We love when restaurants push boundaries and explore new possibilities with their food, and there’s literally no better example than the bowls they craft. Who would think to make a creamy sweet corn broth or Zhajiang broth for udon? Kagawa-Ya, that’s who – and it’s all delicious! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite new school udon dishes they’ve made so you can truly appreciate what they do on a daily basis. So let’s get to it!

Sweet Corn Udon

One of the newer additions – and definitely one of the most unique bowls of udon we’ve ever tried to date – is the Sweet Corn Udon, which consists of cream, edamame succotash, and parsley green onion oil with a healthy heap of their freshly cut house-made noodles. The broth is on the sweeter side, but to our surprise, there’s literally no added sugar or sweetener of any kind! All the sweetness comes naturally from the pureed corn used to make the broth. If you’re looking for something awesome and a bit adventurous and different, we highly recommend giving this one a try!

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Kagawa-Ya Udon flatlay

Miso Chicken Udon

This dish stays more true to Japanese flavors with miso-dashi broth, marinated chicken, sweet soybean skin, green onions, cabbage and fishcake. If you’re a fan of miso, FOR SURE try this one! It’s another bowl that started off life as a “special of the month” that found a regular spot on the menu after seeing how well it was received. The dollop of miso on top actually packs a bit of a kick, which really makes the bowl a much more interesting experience.

Spicy Tan Tan Udon

We feel like a broken record, but this one was seriously bomb. Kagawa-Ya Udon prepares their Spicy Tan Tan Udon with Spicy Miso-Sesame with Ground Beef, green onions, bean sprouts, cilantro, toasted sesame seeds, and chili oil. It’s got a nice little kick to it that builds up over time, and the ground beef adds a bit of texture so as a whole it’s a sensory explosion in your mouth.

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Kagawa-Ya Udon Noodle Lift

Curry Mushroom Udon

One of the mainstays – and a definite go-to for us – is Kagawa-Ya Udon’s Beef Curry Udon, and for a month they added the Curry Mushroom Udon as an alternative that was just as delicious. It had the same rich curry broth, but was basically a (almost) vegetarian option with a ton of soft, flavorful mushrooms and curry soaked potatoes. We say “almost” because the curry broth is still prepared with beef even though there isn’t any noticeable pieces of beef in the dish.

Zhajiang Udon

This is one of our favorites of all time, and was added as a permanent item on their menu after it got such rave reviews! Zhajiang is a Chinese style that includes sweet and spicy black beans, ground beef, garlic chives, zucchini, cabbage, and peas. Continuing the unique creations, Kagawa-Ya Udon tops this one with daikon, green onions and cucumber, all on top of their fresh, house-made noodles.

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Kagawa-Ya Udon Z

This is, by far, not a complete list of all the amazing, innovative udon dishes they’ve created, but we hope it gives you an idea of the art behind Kagawa-Ya and the passion that drives them to never settle and always try new things. An honorary mention that I didn’t include, simply because I unfortunately couldn’t find a good photo of it, was their clam chowder udon, which didn’t make the main menu cut, but was a surprisingly tasty combination! Maybe they’ll bring it back someday if we ask nicely. Definitely go try out their specials and shoot us a DM on our Instagram to let us know what you think. Till next time, Nomsters!


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