Kagawa-Ya Udon’s New 3-Course Set Menu!

What’s up, Nomsters! We’ve written about Kagawa-Ya Udon before, and then again, AND again because we truly love what they do, and now that they’ve reopened for pickup and delivery, we couldn’t be more excited! And being the savvy people they are, they didn’t just relaunch with the same options as before – instead, they are now offering a new 3 course set menu!

There are three different variations, each serving two people, and they feature some of the crowd favorites as well as some new additions that are equally as yummy. Let’s see what they’ve got!

Signature Udon Set

This set is the one we ordered, which comes with your choice of two bowls of udon, a salad, and an appetizer.

As for the udon, you can choose among their niku (beef) udon, kitsune (fried tofu) udon, beef curry udon, cold udon, miso chicken udon, nikutama kimchi (served cold), or spicy tan tan udon. We went with the niku udon and the beef curry udon, both of which are probably tied for our favorite!

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For your salad, you have the choice of either Japanese seaweed salad or a mixed green salad with miso-sesame dressing. We ended up going with the mixed green salad and it was light, fresh, and delicious (that miso-sesame dressing though).

For the appetizer, the options are chicken karaage, cream corn croquettes, and vegetable fritters. We decided to go with the cream corn croquettes and they were SO good. There was a slight sweetness from the corn, and the crispy outer crust combined with the creamy corn on the inside literally made our night. We can’t speak on the vegetable fritters since we haven’t tried them, but their chicken karaage is also amazing, so you definitely can’t go wrong!

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The salad and appetizer selections are the same for all the dinner sets, so refer back here for that info.

You can also add a variety of beverages from bottled tea to Hawaiian Sun drinks to even yuzu soda. If you’re so inclined, you can also throw in a red bean daifuku mochi for dessert, which is never a bad idea.

Katsu Curry Set

This set comes with a trio of katsu favorites, which includes Chicken, Pork & Ebi Shrimp all served with Japanese curry sauce, tonkatsu sauce, and pickled radishes. It includes a side of White Rice & Dashi Broth and serves two people.

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Rice Bowl Set

In Kagawa-Ya Udon’s Rice Bowl Set you can pick two bowls from their selection of beef curry over rice, braised medley of vegetables, tofu, and egg with a shiitake glaze, chicken karaage loco moco with 2 soft boiled eggs, or a soy braised beef bowl with soft boiled egg.

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Definitely check out Kagawa-Ya Udon’s menu and order some delivery through DoorDash, GrubHub, or Postmates!

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