Karazishi Botan: Next Level Ramen-Inspired Joint in Brooklyn

Right before the world went on pause in March, new restaurants and eateries in New York City were announcing its grand opening as they usually do. Karazishi Botan, a ramen diner in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn did just the same. Despite its cozy izakaya-style interior, Karazishi Botan is nothing like a conventional ramen joint. 

With the goal of further promoting ramen to the world, former chef of well-known Japanese ramen brand Ippudo, Fumihiro (Foo) Kanegae, decided to come out and build his own ramen brand. Taking his experience from Ippudo and techniques he learned over the years, Chef Kanegae has experimented with different menu items which resulted in varied inimitable ramens and side dishes. 

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Ti Amo

Ti Amo is a rather refreshing ramen that features a silky chicken, oyster, and fresh lemon broth with chicken chashu, mashed potato, and a piece of crispy bacon.

Botan Pork Spare Ribs

Botan Pork Spare Ribs, soy-braised pork ribs with balsamic sauce and spices, is also highly recommended to order with Ti Amo as the customers may mix the ramen into its spice, further bring this ramen to the next level. 

Teriyaki Beef Rice Burger

It has been a rough start for the ramen joint, as the outbreak occurred a month after its opening. While many restaurants decided to temporarily close their businesses, Karazishi Botan still offered takeout and delivery services to the public. Furthermore, Chef Kanegae was still encouraged to create new menu items for its valued customers despite what has been going on; One of which includes Teriyaki Beef Rice Burger. 

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Karazishi Botan has recently opened up its outdoor dining area and announced its debut of Sunday brunch with a wider selection of menu items, giving the New York dining scene something to look forward to.

Written by Nomtastic Foods Contributor, Claire Wu. For more awesome NYC recommendations, check out our NYC tab HERE


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