Kusuka: Sydney’s Modern Take on Indonesian Food

What’s up, Nomsters! Sydney has an up-and-coming food scene, but one thing is already for sure – it’s super diverse! We tried an awesome Indonesian cafe and restaurant called Kusuka, which is right between Darling Quarter and Hyde Park, and they make some super tasty, traditional Indonesian dishes with modern and western influences. If you’re looking for a place to stop in for lunch or grab and go during your lunch break at work, you should definitely check them out!


Kusuka’s Superbowl is their very aptly named noodle dish with tons of toppings that somehow manage to all compliment each other. It’s made using pork belly, sausages, corned beef, melted cheese, and chili matah over mi goreng, which is a spicy fried noodle dish from Indonesia that you can buy in packages similar to instant ramen noodles in the US. Now, before you say, “what!? Packaged noodles in a restaurant??” it’s actually common in some Asian countires such as Korea. When these packaged noodles are prepared well, you pretty much completely forget that they’re packaged, and that’s what happens with the Superbowl. We seriously dig pork belly, and theirs had crispy skin with tender meat, which is about as good as it gets. It’s pretty darn spicy, though, so if you can’t hang with spicy foods, remember to ask for non-spicy!

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Kusuka - Superbowl noodle lift

Kusuka - Superbowl

Krispy Rendang

A rendang is another spicy Indonesian dish that is traditionally served with red meat. “Rendang” actually refers to a specific method of slow cooking used to prepare the meat, which usually involves cooking the meat in a pot or pan with some kind of liquid such as coconut milk and letting it slow cook until the liquid has mostly evaporated. Kusuka has brought some western influence to the classic dish by using fried chicken and hashbrowns in theirs! It’s crafted with fried chicken, omelette, hash brown, and homemade rendang sauce, on rice or mi goreng. We chose rice for ours and think that’s probably the better decision for this dish. The mi goreng is so flavorful on it’s own that you might lose the effect of the other flavors from the rest of the ingredients. We’d highly recommend this one, as well! Think of it as an Indonesian chicken and waffles.

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Kusuka - Crispy Rendang gravy pour Kusuka - Crispy Rendang


Lastly, we tried their drink, Genesis, and it was pretty refreshing! They don’t actually list what’s in it on their menu, but it’s a two layer drink when you receive it, and when you shake it and swirl it around in the bottle (with the cap on!) it starts to look like a galaxy swirling! It’s basically a fruity juice that was a little too sweet for our palate, but could be nice to carry around and sip on during those hot summer days.

Kusuka - Genesis drink

Kusuka - flatlay

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