Eating Through Las Vegas: Part 4

Alright Nomsters, it’s been a minute since we last visited Las Vegas, but it’s always a good time when we go because we get to eat all the things.  If you’re planning a trip there, make sure you check out parts 1, 2 and 3 as well to get the ultimate foodie experience.  Today, we’re featuring 3 new places + 1 oldie we can’t get enough of so we hope you’re excited.  Prepare to get your drool on!

Saint Honore:  The Best Beignets We’ve Ever Had

Located off the strip on 9460 W Flamingo Rd, Saint Honore is so worth the drive out, like we guarantee their french quarter style beignets will be the highlight of your day, if not your trip.  You get 3 per order, and they’re super affordable.  There are four different kinds available so you have a hard decision to make:  original, churro, nutella or raspberry filled, and their seasonal, which happened to be apple cider.

Saint Honore beignets nutella beignets

Additional add ons like salted caramel, seasonal preserves or dark chocolate sauce can be purchased for $1 each.  Their beignets are made to order to expect to devour warm noms.  You can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned flavors, but we highly recommend the nutella if you have a sweet tooth.  If you want something a little less decadent, go with churro or original.  They also serve elaborate milkshakes and gourmet doughnuts that are perfect for the ‘gram, which is unsurprising because the interior itself is so aesthetically pleasing.

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gourmet donuts bougie donuts fancy milkshakes

Lotus of Siam

Want to experience killer Thai food in Vegas?  Then you need to make a reservation at Lotus of Siam, and you need to do it at least 3 weeks in advance.  Owner and chef Saipin Chutima’s won a slew of awards including the James Beard award for best chef in the southwest so everyone and their mom knows her food is legit.  Must try dishes include her khao soi, crispy duck penang, and garlic prawns.   Don’t forget to ask for a spice tray if you want to spice things up!

Lotus of Siam crispy duck

Nuro Bistro

Speaking of awesome Asian food, Nuro Bistro’s yet another restaurant you need to try while you’re in Vegas.  This hole-in-the-wall specializes in Hainanese chicken and wonton noodle soup along with a handful of tasty appetizers that hit the spot each and every time.

Nuro Bistro chicken

They purchase fresh free range chicken daily from a local poultry shop to ensure quality, and you choose between white or dark.  The protein’s poached perfectly so the meat’s as juicy as can be, and the accompanying rice is to die for.  It’s cooked with a delicious ginger/chicken stock so it’s packed with flavor.  The set comes with 3 different sauces, and they’re all good so remember to bathe your meat in sauce.

cantonese style noodle soup nuro bistro wonton soup

The noodle soup was our personal favorite, but that’s not saying much because everything was delicious.  This Cantonese-style bowl came with 4 ginormous pork and shrimp wontons, and we enjoyed dipping them in hot chili oil because we love all the spice.  The broth’s clear and delicious, but we recommend adding some heat to the mix to boost flavor.  That’s just us though!

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Must try appetizers include their spicy bean curd (made with cilantro and red chili), their seasonal vegetables (think Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce), and their cloud ear mushroom starter, which is tossed in a light red vinaigrette.  We also hear amazing things about their chicken wings so we’ll be back to try those next time.

Nuro Bistro appetizers hot chili oil chinese broccoli spicy bean curd

Buddy V’s:  Incredible Italian Food on the Strip

This was our second time at Buddy V’s, and it was even better than we remembered.  Although we’re re-featuring them on here, we got different dishes to review this time ’round so it’ll still be new content.  Alright, let’s get to it.

Buddy V's bread Buddy V's vino

We kicked our meal off with their grilled octopus and their Toscano salad.  Served on a refreshing bed of arugula & citrus, their octopus had a nice char to it, and it was as tender as can be.  At $18, it was a bit pricy, but it’s the strip so that’s to be expected. The salad was a bit more affordable at $16, and it was big enough to share.  It also came with a generous amount of prosciutto, and they also threw roasted tomatoes and artichokes into the mix before dressing it with a light, tangy lemon vinaigrette.  They finished off the greens with an ample amount of pecorino because who doesn’t love cheese?

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grilled octopus arugula salad

For entrees, the waiter recommended the osso bucco and shrimp scampi so that’s exactly what we got.  So, the moral of the story is, drum roll please,  always listen to your waiter at Buddy V’s because both plates were fire.  The pasta was extra garlicky, which we personally loved, and it came with 5-6 ginormous shrimpies that were as succulent as can be.  The osso bucco was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and they gave us a fat piece that was bigger than our heads.  It came with creamy parmesan polenta, and it complemented the meat so beautifully.

Buddy V's shrimp scampi veal osso bucco

As you can imagine, we were stuffed at that point, but we couldn’t leave without getting dessert so we got their nutella cake.  They call it nutella cake, but what it’s actually called is heaven cake because only angels could have made this magical goodness.  It’s stuffed with nutella and served with ice cream, and it’s basically one of the best desserts you’ll ever have.  You’re welcome.

nutella cake Buddy V's cappuccino

Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed reading our latest installment of Eating Through Vegas!  Make sure you browse our travel tab for more content around the globe, and follow us on instagram for nomtastic pics that will feed your feed on the regular.  And let us know which restaurant looked yummiest to you by leaving a comment below.  Until next time, friends!  Happy eating.


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