Louie’s Bar: Changing the Meaning of Bar Food

You know that feeling when you sip on a one-of-a-kind cocktail crafted by an award winning bar tender while taking a big bite out of a fried potato skin with thick cut pork belly and an egg on top? Well, if you don’t, you’re seriously missing out! Typically, when you think of bar food, you’re not thinking about great quality. It’s usually just something greasy that goes along with your beer. Louie’s Bar, just south of Market on Stevenson in SF, just raised the bar (no pun intended) and is an amazing all-around experience with delicious food to go along with the drinks. Master bar manager, Adam “Bootsy” Brogan along with The Pour Boys and Michael Mina vet, Stephen Crawford head the food and drinks here, and it’s all seriously good stuff. We’ll be focusing on the food in this post, but definitely don’t sleep on the drinks! So, without rambling on, let’s show you what we got!

Potato Skins

These Potato Skins were seriously amazing. They’re made with crispy pork belly, charred green onions, crema, and a quail egg on top. The only downside is you’re done in a couple bites! But each order comes with three of these for $12, and it’s an additional $4 for each additional one if you want more. We highly recommend you grab an order when you go!

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Louie's Bar Potato Skins Held in Hand

Louie's Bar Potato Skins

The Burger

When Louie’s Bar set out to craft The Burger, they wanted it to compete with some of the best burgers in the city, and we’d say they accomplished that for sure! It’s made with Schmitz ranch beef, bacon bourbon bbq jam, potato sticks, aioli, and arugula on a potato pepper bun. It also came with a pile of delicious sweet potato fries, and you can add white cheddar or fried egg for $2, and bacon or avocado for $3. It’s super thick and juicy, and all those toppings just work together flawlessly.

Louie's Bar - The Burger in handLouie's Bar - The Burger

Buffalo Wings

You might be thinking that a buffalo wing is a buffalo wing no matter where you go. Louie’s Bar would beg to differ. First off, they’re cooked to perfection where it’s slightly crispy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside. Nothing is worse than dry chicken, right?? Then, they make their buffalo sauce with sriracha and throw in some carrots and celery, with a ranch dipping sauce on the side. We actually showed how adding some sriracha sauce is an awesome way to remix a bloody mary awhile back, so we’re all about their recipe here!

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Sweet Lou’s Bangkok Wings

These were definitely our favorite of the wings! They’re crafted with Chinese black vinegar, Thai bird chilis and sesame seeds, which creates a sweet, spicy, and crispy outer layer of amazingness. These are also two thumbs up and go great with a beer!

Louie's Bar Sweet Lou's Bangkok Wings Louie's Bar Sweet Lou's Bangkok Wings

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Here’s another example of Louie’s Bar thinking outside the box in a simple, yet game-changing way. They add crushed up Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to their Mac ‘n’ Cheese! But this isn’t your college dorm room mac and cheese – they prepare theirs with a range of cheeses including smoked gouda, cheddar, jack, and parmesan mixed together with orecchiette pasta and topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Crust. You can also add on any combination of jalapenos $1, peas $2, truffle oil $3, mushrooms $3, bacon $3, and/or sausage $4. The Cheetos add some nice texture as well as a little pop of spiciness, which gets our seal of approval.

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Louie's Bar Mac n Cheese

Louie's Bar Mac n Cheese

So that’s what we tried, but absolutely not everything Louie’s Bar has to offer, so we definitely recommend giving these dishes a try and exploring the rest of their menu – including the drinks! Have you been here before? Let us know your favorites over on our Instagram. Till next time, Nomsters!

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