Luke’s Lobster: Seafood Lovers Rejoice

When Luke’s Lobster opened up a new “shack” in Farragut, it was a done deal right from the getgo.  We love all things lobster so we KNEW we had to go check it out ASAP.  This is their 4th location in DC, and it’s right next to the Farragut West Metro.  Founded in 2012, they’re all about sustainable seafood, and their main priority is to preserve fisheries.  We love that they’re environmentally conscious and that all their seafood can be traced back to the source (small businesses in Maine and other cities that they’re based in).

Luke's Lobster bread bowl

We visited their new location last Thursday for lunch and ordered a BUNCH of menu items to share (as per usual).  Here’s what we got:

  • Luke’s Favorite ($20): A lobster roll (1/4 lb of chilled wild caught lobster in a split top bun with melted lemon butter, mayo, and their secret seasoning, chips, and coleslaw.
  • The Crab Roll ($13):  The same preparation as the lobster roll above, just with 1/4 lb Jonah Crab.
  • The Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese ($15):  Pasta shells in a creamy, mascarpone-cheddar blend with tender chunks of lobser, toped with garlic herb breadcrumbs.
  • The Bread Bowl with Lobster Bisque ($14): Soup served inside a toasted sourdough bread bowl.
  • The L.G.C ($13): Lobster & gruyere grilled cheese.
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Luke's Lobster soup

Since we shared the Lobster Bisque shots first, let’s start there.  We love, love, LOVED their soup SO much.  It was rich and flavorful but not overly salty.  You’d think that’d be a given, but many restaurants overdo it, at least from our experience.  Clam chowder was also an option ($12) for those of you interested.  The sourdough bowl was delicious, but if you’re looking to pass on carbs, the bisque is $7 for a small and $11 for a large.

Now let’s move onto one of our absolute favorites:  the L.G.C.  Their lobster & gruyere grilled cheese was straight up obscene, and it was quite possibly the best grilled cheese sammy we’ve had in the area.  We inhaled this baby in 2 minutes and could’ve easily downed another.  We HIGHLY recommend getting this…everyday…for the rest of your life, ha.

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Luke's Lobster grilled cheese

Next came the Lobster Mac & Cheese.  Crispy bread crumbs + creamy cheese + chunks of lobster?  Yes, yes, and more yes.  Adding mascarpone to this dish was such a good call – it did wonders for the creaminess.  Our only complaint was that we wanted more!

Luke's Lobster mac 'n cheese

above:  their pretty mac ‘n cheese || below:  once the nomming began…

Luke's Lobster mac and cheese

If you’re looking to indulge in one of their famous rolls, we recommend getting a combo meal.  There are three options available:  the Land & Sea aka salad + soup for $23, Luke’s Favorite aka lobster roll + chips & slaw for $20, and the North Atlantic aka shrimp roll + small chowder for $15.

We ended up getting Luke’s Favorite (pictured below sans chips), and it was a SOLID meal.  As you can see, Luke’s Lobster does NOT mess around.  They don’t skimp on their seafood – our roll below was STUFFED.  We also really enjoyed the slaw and pickle that came with the meal!  The slaw had just the right amount of acidity, and it complemented the texture of the lobster beautifully.  The pickle was also really tasty – we loved how crunchy it was!

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Luke's Lobster DC

Anddd last but not least, their uber delicious crab roll.  We definitely can’t choose between the lobster or crab sooooo you’ll just have to try them both!  They’re “famous for” their lobster rolls, but honestly they should be famous for everything they sell.  If you’re looking to try all 3 rolls (they offer shrimp, too), get Luke’s Trio.  It’s $19.50 for 1/2 sandwiches of each.  FYI:  you can also substitute salad greens instead of a bun!

Luke's Lobster rolls

If you’re a seafood lover (or even if you’re not), you MUST check them out!  Definitely get a crab or lobster roll, their lobster bisque and/or their grilled cheese when you are.  Also make sure to get a blueberry lemonade or ginger sparkling water while you’re at it!  Happy eating, Nomsters.

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