Lutèce: The Must Try Gem in Georgetown, DC

We recently had the pleasure of dining here with our dear friend @hungryglomad, and the food was exquisite.  Lutèce is now offering a special “carte blanche” four-course meal that’s priced at $65 a person, and it’s spectacular.  Seated near the pass, you get an up-close-and-personal look at chef Matt and the team in action.

Although they market this meal as four courses, they give you wayyyy more than that during the experience.  We were actually high key shocked that it was only $65 when it should easily be $100+.  So, here’s everything that came with our meal:

lutece chefs table

Pomme paillasson with caviar and creme fraiche.  Think of the yummiest hashbrown you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying, topped with magic.  Because what’s not to love about this dish?  Creme fraiche? Yes please.  Caviar? Or hell yes.  Pray that Chef has this dish available because it will bring your taste buds so much joy.

Can you see the adorable shiso leave pictured next to our fried goodness?  That came stuffed with smoked salmon and kaluga caviar.  Talk about spoiled right off the bat.  What a way to kick off dinner!

lutece toro

Then came course 2:  Maine blue fin toro served with hosui pear and radish in a delectable ponzu sauce.  Sublime.

lutece squash

Course 3 was a stunning koginut squash served with brown butter, mole and hazelnuts.  This dish can be enjoyed a la carte in their dining room so if you decide to pass on chef’s table (please don’t), we highly recommend giving it a try.  And in addition to this goodness, chef brought us a parker house roll!  It was stuffed with blood sausage and served with a side of labne.

lutece roll

For our first main entree (LOL), we enjoyed a slow cooked hake.  Now, we’re not big fish people so when we say this was exceptional, this was exceptional.  It came with this beautiful caramelized sunshoke puree along with a slew of local mushrooms.  Dare we say this was the highlight of the meal?  So tough to say because everything was unbelievable, but this was definitely one of the high points.

lutece hake

To conclude savory, we got their La Belle Farms duck dish, served with plums, duck confit, radicchio and bigarade…which was amazing as well.  We sound like a broken record, but we can’t help but rave about the food.  This was easily one of the best meals we’ve had all year, and we still can’t believe it was only $65pp.

lutece duck

Before heading into sweet, chef gave us a refreshing palette cleanser: pear sorbet with toasted meringue.  We were super excited to see what came next, and rest assured, they delivered, going above and beyond our uber high expectations.

lutece pear sorbet

Pictured:  a decadent chocolate tart served with a chartreusse and annyse hyssop creme anglaise and black sesame served with concorde grape granita and oat crumble.

lutece chocolate tart

We’re suckers for all things dark chocolate so we went straight for the tart, but we thought the black sesame was actually the more interesting option of the two.  Lucky for you all, they’re both available on their regular menu so you can sample them firsthand the next time you go.

lutece black sesame

And of course the mignardises.


Alright Nomsters, that’s a wrap for today.  We hope you enjoyed hearing all about our latest meal at Lutèce.  Definitely book your table ASAP, and comment with your thoughts post nom sesh.  Until next time, friends!  Stay tuned for more content coming your way – we update every Monday, Thursday and Saturday so make sure to check back.  For more DC content, click here!


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