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M.Y. China: The China Collection Tasting Event

We recently had the amazing opportunity to check out a tasting event for M.Y. China, an incredible upscale Chinese restaurant located right under the dome inside the Westfield San Francisco Centre. They were previewing their “China Collection” cocktails as well as several small dishes. There were so many bomb flavors and textures throughout the night, and when combined with M.Y. China’s fresh retro/modern ambiance and Executive Chef Tony Wu’s contagious energy, there was never a dull moment for us nor our taste buds!

Ever seen a chef dance around his restaurant to Gangnam Style while making noodles from scratch at the same time? Read on and you just might!

The China Collection is eight brand new cocktails, all of which are named after and inspired by cities and areas of China. Being such a large country, there are many regional foods, drinks, flavors, and styles of cooking depending on where you are, and these drinks reflect those unique differences.

We started off the night with the Shandong, which is made with wolfberry liquor added to rye whiskey, Guihua chen baijiu, and served with a caramel sugar garnish made by Chef Tony Wu himself. It was a recommendation since we mentioned we were into whiskey, and it was Off. The. Hook. Think of it as a twist on the traditional Manhattan. Super smooth, and if you let the caramel garnish dissolve in the cocktail it adds just a bit more sweetness to everything. If we didn’t drive to the event, we would have been back for another one of these for sure!

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Shandong cocktail from The China Collection at M.Y. China

Another favorite – both in terms of presentation and flavor – was the Beijing. Inspired by Suannai, a popular fermented milk drink found in food carts all over northern China, the Beijing is made with homemade soy bean puree and blended with scotch whiskey, a little honey, and a little lychee baijiu to create a unique milkshake cocktail that’s super smooth on the way down. Two thumbs way up!

Beijing cocktail from The China Collection at M.Y. China

So… What pairs well with out-of-this-world cocktails? How about some ridiculously amazing small dishes? Well, M.Y. China has plenty of those to go around, too.

Chef Tony Wu and his crew have really done something special with this new lineup. They span the whole spectrum of flavors and textures with everything from soft, flavorful enoki mushrooms…

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… to crispy shrimp shooters.

Not to mention carefully crafted bite-sized scallop and dumpling skewers…

… Alongside perfectly balanced meat and veggie skewers.

And then combining the melt-in-your-mouth crab claw with bok choy and crispy noodles? Talk about the seafood lover’s perfect bite! We seriously could have kept popping these all night if they let us.

To finish off the evening we were given an unbelievably bomb special dessert that is typically only given to guests on their birthday! That golden nest-looking thing? Pure caramel awesomeness. And although it’s hard to see, it’s surrounding a scoop of ice cream (tasted like green tea, but don’t quote us on that) drizzled with what tasted like a strawberry sauce, and sitting in a plate of dry ice emitting that flowing, smokiness around the base.

Is your birthday coming up? This is where you’re having dinner. boom.

One of the coolest things in the world for us is to watch someone do something they truly love and are passionate about, and that’s exactly what you see when watching Chef Tony Wu in the kitchen. He’s not just an amazing chef and culinary mind, but he’s also an entertainer and you can tell he puts his heart into everything he makes.

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In the picture below he’s making his longevity noodles and literally extending the dough and tossing it into the pot as he goes (video below!).

And here he is displaying some other noodles he made from scratch right in front of us (another video below!).

And here he is bustin’ a move for the restaurant’s guests!

You can just tell he loves what he does. Check out the full process of making his noodles from scratch:

Gotta remember to have some fun while you’re at it!

Prepping the longevity noodles takes some concentration and accuracy!

Thanks, again, to M.Y. China and everyone involved for having us out to try all their new cocktails and dishes! This was hands down some of the best stuff we’ve had in recent memory, so definitely add this to the top of your meal bucket list and get ready to leave with a very happy tummy.

Till next time, Nomsters!






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