How-to Make a Classic Daiquiri from Scratch

A well-made Daiquiri is the perfect cocktail.  It’s simple, crushable, light, and it’s the perfect delivery device for all those delicious white rums on the market that we enjoy today.  It’s not too sweet, but not too sour.  It’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be.  The Classic Daiquiri will also fit seamlessly into every occasion, be it at the beach or at home trying to wind down after a long day of quarantine.  

It has a rich, beautiful history that starts in Cuba and involves the legendary Ernest Hemingway.  Want to know if your bartender has chops?  Just order a Daiquiri and see how they make it.  Bartenders love the Daiquiri.  It’s the bartender’s handshake.  

If a guest at my bar orders a Daiquiri, my follow up question is usually “so where do you work?”  For as simple as the Daiquiri is (it’s only rum, lime, and sugar), people find a way to muck it up.  Tragic, I know.  Fear not, for today, I am going to teach you the perfect Daiquiri recipe so that you can drink like a bartender!

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don q cristal rum

The Best Rum for your At-Home Daiquiri

Firstly, you must get your hands on a good white rum.  Denizen’s, Banks 5 Island, and Probitas by Four Square are all stellar white rums and will make a beautiful Daiquiri.  One of my favorite and affordable white rums is the Puerto Rican Don Q Cristal.  You can snag a bottle for under $20. 

fresh squeezed lime juice

Next, you need squeeze fresh lime juice.  Fresh. Squeezed.  Never settle for anything less.  I am sorry, but the lime concentrates and sweet and sour mix has to go.   Buy some limes.  Get a hand squeezer on the cheap.  Fresh squeezed lime juice is essential for a proper daiquiri.

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simple syrup home

The third ingredient is sugar.  I prefer a 2:1 rich simple syrup.  This is easy to make at home.  Take 2 ounces of white granulated sugar and combine it with 1 ounce of water in a pan over the stove.  Let the sugar dissolve and boom!  You have 2:1 rich simple syrup.  It’s just that simple.  

Finally, in order to get that perfect, light, frothy daiquiri, you’ll need to shake your cocktail.  I prefer using Koriko shakers from Cocktail Kingdom.  If you don’t have a nice shaker at home, you can use a mason jar or even a thermos. You will also need something to strain your cocktail.  Once again, Cocktail Kingdom has wonder Hathorne and fine strainers, but any mesh strainer at home will do.  

classic daiquiri

Behold, the perfect Daiquiri!

  • 2 oz Don Q Cristal White Rum
  • .75 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
  • .50 oz 2:1 rich simple syrup
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classic daiquiri recipe

How-to Make the Classic Daiquiri

Combine all of your ingredients into your shaker.  Add Ice.  Shake cocktail for around 7-10 seconds.  Strain the Daiquiri into a glass without ice.  Garnish with a lime wheel.   Be sure to enjoy the first sip immediately after you get done straining.  That’s when the Daiquiri is at its best.  Enjoy!

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