Manakish: Best Mediterranean Food in Walnut Creek

It’s not often that we make our way out to Walnut Creek, CA, but when we heard about the Mediterranean spot, Manakish, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try them out. Manakish is named after a Mediterranean dish by the same name, which is prepared by putting various toppings on a flatbread almost like a pizza. And, as you would expect, they have a menu full of different kinds of manakish as well as other delicious dishes like wraps and kebab plates. We tried one of each of their main dishes and were super impressed by literally everything! Read on to see all the noms for yourself!

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Tri-Tip Manakish

We tried the Tri-Tip Manakish, and we were honestly blown away. The pita was fluffy, the cucumber, tomatoes, pickles and radish all tasted fresh and crisp with a nice crunch, and overall it had a surprising amount of flavor. Kind of ironically, we had eaten at a Mediterranean spot in SF the night before, which was a big disappointment, so it was awesome to be reminded of how good the food can be when the cuisine is prepared well. For $14.50 you get a staggering amount of food (which you’ll see is a trend at Manakish) so you just need one of these to leave with a happy tummy.

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Lamb Kebab Wrap

We enjoyed the manakish the most out of the entire meal, but the wraps were a very close second. As you can see in the photo below, they’re enormous! It’s basically the size of a super burrito and we were extra excited about the amount of meat they put in. The flavors and spices were on point, and they even threw in a hot sauce, which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

Chicken Kebab Plate

The Chicken Kebab Plate is another great option depending on what you’re craving when you visit. The chicken was seriously cooked to perfection – somehow they kept every piece moist, and the seasoning was rich. The hummus was actually fairly mild compared to what we’re used to having at other restaurants, but it actually works given the flavors from the chicken.

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Rice Pudding Parfait

This dessert reminded us of a more subtle tapioca. It was a little less sweet than we would have liked, but it was still a refreshing way to end the meal, especially one with such strong spices (in a good way!).

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