Masa 14: The Best of Their Tapas

After seeing so many of their dishes featured on the ‘gram, we were beyond thrilled to finally try Masa 14 for ourselves.  We went there for dinner the other night and pretty much ordered the entire menu so you’re going to want to keep on reading for highlights.  Located on 14th street in DC, they’re a posh and trendy restaurant that serves asian tapas.  Their interior’s very New York, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the kind of vibe you’re into.  We personally really like it, which works well for us because they have some solid happy hour deals (4-7 daily).

roast beet salad at masa 14

We tried a bunch of their dishes, but we’re only going to highlight the plates we recommend.  Out of everything we got, we liked the roasted beet salad ($8), the lo mein noodles ($9), the wok-stir fried calamari ($11), the crispy brussels sprouts ($7), and the mini-churro cakes (not exactly sure what these are called since they’re not listed online, but it’ll be obvious to you guys once you get there and scan the dessert menu).

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The beet salad (pictured above) came with frisee lettuce, spiced cashews and was tossed in a curry leaf yogurt sauce with a hint of lemon.  The crispy brussels sprouts were coated in ponzu and served piping hot – this was definitely one of the night’s highlights.  If you have a vegetarian friend in your party (or not), make sure you order a helping of this.

delicious tapas at masa 14 dc

The lo mein came with flatiron steak, broccolini, jicama, and sliced black mushroom in a rich oyster sauce, and it was the standout of the evening!  The dish was on the saltier side, but the noodles were addicting because they were cooked so beautifully.  The texture was insane, and we mean that in the best way possible.  It was yummy chewy goodness that left us wanting more for sure.

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best tapas at masa 14

We power lift noodles like nobody’s business…

delicious lo mein at masa 14

We weren’t pleased with the calamari photos so we’re not sharing any, but the dish is definitely worth mentioning.  Stir-fried with green onions and shallots in a thai bird chili sauce, this tapa has a serious kick to it so beware.  If you’re not good with spicy food, avoid the hot pepper bits at all costs!

Now, let’s move onto our favorite part: dessert.  These mini-churro cakes had fierce chai undertones and came warm straight out of the oven – the accompanying dipping sauce was just the right amount of sweet, which we loved.  What kind of desserts do you guys like best? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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masa 14 tapas



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    Looks so good! This has been on my list for a bit!

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