Mayuree: Amazing Thai Food in Baltimore, Maryland

For those of you looking for incredible Thai food in Baltimore, Maryland, be excited because Mayuree will high key blow you away.  This small family-owned establishment is located on 2318 Fleet Street, and they offer traditional Thai cuisine with a modern twist.

mayuree steamed dumplings

Kick your meal off with an order of their steamed dumplings ($8).  Made with chicken and shrimp, these delectable morsels of deliciousness are served with a sweet sesame sauce. Expect to enjoy some of the best dumplings you’ve ever had – they’re perfectly cooked, and the accompanying dipping sauce complements them beautifully.

tom yum mayuree

No trip to Mayuree Thai Tavern would be complete without enjoying a bowl of their Tom Yum.  Made with roasted chili and fresh lime juice, this famous Thai lemongrass soup was jam packed with flavor, and the amazing owner, remembering how much we loved heat from our last visit, really dialed up the spice for us.  The soup itself’s priced at $5, but it costs $3 extra to add chicken, tofu, beef or shrimp – we recommend the shrimp or chicken, but you honestly can’t go wrong with whatever protein you decide to get.

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drunken noodles

As for entrees, we highly recommend their Drunken Noodles and their Green Curry; we got the former with beef, and the latter with tofu.  Their green curry came with Thai eggplant, bell peppers, bamboo shoots and fresh basil, and just in case you’re unfamiliar with the aforementioned noodz dish, this popular entree’s wide rice noodles, tossed in a spicy chili basil sauce with onions, tomatoes, string beans and bell peppers.

Their noodz had a wonderful smokiness that we enjoyed – we got that hot wok flavor, and the portion size was huge!  If you can handle heat, definitely make sure to ask for extra spicy because it makes the dish that much better.

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green curry

As for the curry, this was the first time we got this dish, but it sure as hell won’t be our last.  It comes with a ton of tofu and veggies so expect to enjoy this for many meals to come.  The fried tofu’s a great option for this because it soaks up the sauce, making it much more flavorful when you have it with rice.  Again, ask for extra heat with this, maybe even some sliced Thai chili peppers on the side…if you think you can handle it.

Alright friends, we hope you enjoyed our latest feature on Mayuree Thai Tavern.  Let us know what you thought of this Charm City gem by leaving us a comment below, and check back soon for more content.  For more nom recommendations in Baltimore, click this tab.  See you tomorrow – eat all the tings!

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