Michelin-Starred Gravitas’ Summer Tasting Menus

If you’ve been following us, it’s no secret that we heart Gravitas.  Chef Baker and his team can do no wrong in our book, and we’re thrilled that their patio’s now open in addition to takeout + delivery.

gravitas patio

For those of you interested – and that should be all of you by the way – they’re currently offering two different tasting menus priced at $120 per person with an optional $85 wine pairing.  We had the pleasure of trying a handful of dishes from both during our last shoot there, and we can’t wait to tell you about them.  So, let’s start with the chef’s tasting menu.

There are 6 courses total, and we got to try the following 3 items:  their crab and chili linguini, their seared u-10 scallops and their buttermilk panna cotta.  We love pasta everything so the linguini was basically everything we’ve ever wanted.  Made with Maryland crab, english peas and mint, it was absolute perfection.

gravitas crab linguini

Then came our favorite dish of the day:  chef’s scallops.  Served with a white bean puree with spring greens and fumet reduction, they had a dreamy sear to them, and we low key wanted to lick our plates because the sauce was so good.

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seared scallops

No meal’s complete without dessert and Gravitas does dessert so well.  Here’s a shot of their buttermilk panna cotta!  Yet another stunning dessert by chef Kyle Knaub, served with compressed rhubarb, macerated strawberries and shortbread.  This high key tasted like summer…if summer was edible?

buttermilk panna cotta

From the garden menu, we got to taste 4 different courses, and everything was exquisite as per usual!  We kicked the second half of our shoot off with chef’s hamachi crudo, and this was legit art on a plate, like we felt bad eating it because it was so beautiful.  It came with pickled strawberries, roasted beets and shiso in a chamomile dressing.  All we want to know is how can a strawberry look so perfect?  Just unreal.

hamachi crudo

Next came his Vietnamese spiced grilled quail.  Call us traditional, but we’re not big into quail or any fancy proteins for that matter – judge us all you want, but we’d take chicken over squab any day.  This was lovely though, think light and aromatic.  It came with a wild rice salad, fermented turnips and sugar snap peas in a delicious onion broth, and the meat was juicy and tender.

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vietnamese quail

Then came their Korean barbecue eggplant.  You actually have the option of choosing between the aforementioned dish, slow roasted Amish chicken breast and grilled lamb tenderloin.  To be honest, we probably would’ve gotten the lamb, but the eggplant was delightfully interesting.

korean eggplant

It was a play on dolsot bibimbap, a uber popular Korean dish which translates to stone pot mixed rice.  We say that because it comes with gojuchang emulsion (Korean chili paste) and because scorched rice plays a big part in this dish.

In Korean, we call that nurungji, and it’s the thin layer of browned rice that lines the bottom of the pan or pot.  Their take comes with snow peas and sesame mushrooms, and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be addicted at first bite.

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melon rose water sorbet

And last but not least, their melon and cucumber dessert.  It came with compressed honeydew, basil and rose water sorbet, and it was the epitome of refreshing.  We can’t think of a better way to end dinner than to enjoy a bowl of chef Kyle’s sorbet while enjoying the gorgeous weather outside.

gravitas michelin star

Both tasting menus are absolutely worth the splurge so if you’re looking to treat yourself, make sure you book a reservation stat.  $120 may seem steep, but Gravitas is a michelin-starred establishment so it’s actually quite affordable for everything you’re getting.  Prefer something a bit more casual? Head to their rooftop to enjoy food and drink with a view at their conservatory!

Alright Nomsters, that’s a wrap for today.  We hope you enjoyed reading all about our latest adventure at Gravitas.  Let us know if you have any questions, and make sure you browse our DC tab for more foodporn that will feed your feed.  Sending you all the delicious vibes – happy eating!


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