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Modern Market: Taste Testing in Bethesda

Alright Nomsters, it’s time for another event recap.  For our latest, we’ll be telling you all about Modern Market’s new fall offerings.  They invited us for a tasting a few weeks back, and we very happily obliged. To give y’all a little background, owners Anthony & Rob opened their first MM in Boulder, Colorado back in 2009.  Their goal was to serve gourmet food that was healthy yet delicious.  Well, they totally killed it on that front because *fast forward 7 years* they’re opening new locations all over the DMV.  We went to the MM in Bethesda, but they’re opening one in Columbia, MD soon so keep an eye out!

modern market tasting

Here are the 5 dishes we sampled that evening:

  • SUPERduperFOOD salad:  baby greens, quinoa pilaf, Purely Elizabeth blueberry hemp granola, seasonal fruit, golden raisin, carrot, almond, and raspberry chia dressing.
  • Umami  brussels sprouts:  fire roasted brussels sprouts tossed in umami maple and togarashi, topped with green onions and toasted walnuts.
  • BBQ pork sandwich:  humanely-raised Berkshire pulled pork marinated in a spicy BBQ sauce, topped with brussels and jicama slaw and green apple on a brioche bun.
  • Truffled potato pizza:  made with creme fraiche and topped with fire-roasted fingerling potatoes, wilted leek, 3 cheese blend, black truffle oil, grana padano, and green onion.
  • Curry salmon bowl:  sustainable salmon in a coconut sweet potato curry served with warm heirloom rice and braised kale.  Garnished with green onion and toasted coconut.
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modern market salmon dishes

Don’t those dishes sound ridiculously yum?  This was our first time dining at Modern Market, and suffice it to say, we were damn impressed.  The DMV could definitely use more of these fine casual type of joints.  Everything was tasty, but if we had to pick favorites, we’d go with the truffled potato pizza and the BBQ pork sandwich.

If you have doubts about potato on pizza, don’t even start.  We know it’s a weird combo, but don’t knock it until you try it because it actually works, like most of the table agreed that it was their fave dish of the night.  The BBQ pork was really something else!  The meat was tender and beautifully seasoned, and the slaw added the perfect amount of acidity and crunch.  We’d definitely go back for either!  And shoutout to the raspberry chia dressing, the coconut sweet potato curry, and the umami brussels sprouts.  Those were all solid as well.

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modern market salads

above:  salad lovers unite || below:  the pizza we’ve been dreaming about

modern market truffled potato pizza

below:  the best pulled pork sandwich we’ve had in a while

modern market bbq pork sandwich

If you’re looking for food that’s healthy yet delicious, make sure you give Modern Market a try!  Their service is super fast – you order at the counter –  so it’s perfect for those of you looking for a quick bite.  Also, most everything on their menu can be made gluten free so that’s a definite plus for those of you with dietary restrictions.  They also have a big vegan selection so your vegetarian frands can come get their nom on with you.

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’til next time, Nomsters!


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