Momo’s Cafe Now Serving Bento Boxes in DC

Located on 4828 MacArthur Boulevard NW, Momo’s, a charming Taiwanese cafe, is now serving bento boxes and Japanese cheesecake in the district. With everything from eel to spicy crawfish, their lunch sets are instagram-worthy entrees that will undoubtedly make it to your feed.  We recommend their popcorn chicken and their Taiwanese sausage, but that’s because those of two of our go-to snacks there.

momo's cafe taiwanese sausagepopcorn chicken

During our last visit, we got their sausage and their short rib, but the latter was a bit too tough for our taste.  Maybe it was just an off day though?  It’s so tough to judge because takeout/delivery is such a different experience.  Plus, we were half an hour late to pickup our food so that’s totally on us.

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short rib bento box

Momo’s Cafe is known for their massive toasts and delicious teas, but the star of the show was most definitely their Hokkaido Double Cheesecake.  This dessert is a new addition to their menu, and it’s hands down, one of the best cheesecakes we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring.  Think light, fluffy and not too sweet.  It almost feels like you’re eating cloud – sounds strange, but you’ll understand once you try it firsthand.

hokkaido double cheesecake

So, here’s what you’re gonna do.  Start with getting dessert to go because I can’t imagine anyone disliking Momo Cafe’s Hokkaido cheesecake.  And if you’re hooked (…you’ll probably be hooked), you can try some of their other dishes your second time back.

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Alright Nomsters, that’s a wrap for today.  We hope you enjoyed reading about this local gem!  For more on delish eats in the district, make sure you browse this tab, and stay tuned for more delish content coming your way.  We update our blog daily so there’s always something new to see so you’ll definitely want to check back.  Sending you guys all the good vibes!  Be safe, wear a mask, and remember to vote.


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