10 Must Try Brunch Spots in Washington, DC

It’s so hard to just pick 10, but that’s the number we’re sticking with today.  For those of you looking to get your brunch on in DC, here some of our favorite spots in the district.  Whether you’re craving asian food or bottomless dranks, we gotchu.

1. ChiKo

So, we’re not sure if you were aware, but ChiKo has dim sum brunch at their DuPont location every weekend (11-3PM).  Although they’re only offering pickup/delivery at the moment, their food carries beautifully so definitely make sure to stop by and get your fix.

chiko dim sum

Enjoy ’em a la carte for $7 a pop or get a bundle of 3 for $20, 5 for $32 or 7 for $45.  There’s a ton to choose from, but our personal favorites are as follows:  their cumin lamb dumplings, their XO shrimp juk, their kimchi pancake, and their shrimp tempura.

lamb dumplings

2.  I Egg You

While we’re talking about ChiKo, let’s take a second to cover I Egg You as well because their food is straight magic.  Available at ChiKo Cap Hill from 8-1PM on weekends, this eggy concept has some of the best breakfast sandwiches around.  In addition to epic handhelds, they have open faced griddlers and crazy delicious potatoes.

loaded potatoes

Again, their food’s only available for pickup/delivery, but you can enjoy said noms at the metro stop nearby – they finally finished construction so there are a bunch of tables + seating available there.  If it’s your first time, we recommend getting their original egg.  It’s simple but unbelievably tasty!

egg sandwich

Think griddled milk bread with a brown butter egg and fontina cheese.  Do yourself a favor and get it with candied jalapeños and ChiKo hot sauce with a side of OMG potatoes.  PS.  they offer a special sammie each week so maybe get that as well?

3.  Heat Da Spot

This family-owned restaurant in Petworth is a local gem you all need to experience.  They have everything from pizza to subs, but we recommend getting their Ethiopian style breakfast!  It’s super flavorful, and they give you so much food.

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heat da spot dc

We also like their bagel sandwiches, and they make great omelettes as well.  With that said, this spot’s so much more than just great eats.  The space is warm, welcoming, and the owners make you feel like you’re right at home.  So stop by and stay for a while – preferably on their patio with a cup of hot coffee to accompany your meal.

dc bagel sandwich

4.  Anju

brisket ramen

It’s no secret that we LOVE Anju so of course they make our top 10 best brunch list.  Their entire menu is ridiculous though so we’ll help you out!  In the mood for sammiches?  Their breakfast sandwich and spicy chicken sandwich are both awesome options.  You really gotta be able to handle heat though if you go with the latter.  It’s made with buldak sauce so consider yourself warned.

They just added a new juk (aka korean porridge) to the menu that’s made with fried MD soft shell crab (!!!!!!!!) so that’s super exciting, and the brisket ramen from their late night menu’s now available for brunch as well.

stuffed french toast

You obviously can’t go wrong with grilled kalbi so that’s a dope choice if you want something hearty, and they have some of the best french toast around.  Milk bread stuffed with banana cream cheese then topped with vanilla cookie crumbles, caramel, bananas and walnuts?  Literally drooling just thinking about it all.

5.  Zeleno

This charming cafe in Dupont’s a do on so many levels.  With everything from acai bowls to beautiful toasts, they make eating clean so easy.  We wrote a full feature on ’em a while back, but TL:DR?

avocado toast

Get their avocado or peach ricotta toasts, and hit them up for one of the best vegetarian sandwiches you’ll ever have.  It’s called the SYMI, and it’s made with hummus, olive tapenade, tomato, Bulgaria feta, mixed greens and served on fresh focaccia.  Love at first bite.

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vegetarian sandwich

6.  Agora

We’re not heavy drinkers so we don’t do bottomless brunch often, but for those of you looking to get lit, we highly recommend Agora.  It’s priced at $40 per person, and you can get as many dishes + mixed drinks as you want during your two hour limit.

All their food’s solid, but if you’re looking for recommendations, get an array of dips in addition to their manchego omlette, menemen, baklava french toast, mixed cheese pide and Greek yogurt parfait.

Dessert’s not included with the aforementioned deal, but if you want to end your meal on a sweet note, we highly recommend their chestnut souffle! Their Turkish coffee’s also an add-on, but it’s delicious and totally worth it if you haven’t had it yet.  Presentation’s cool too so make sure you have your phones ready!

7.  Kitchen Cray

Located on H Street, this black-owned establishment is an absolute must try.  They’re ridiculously busy for brunch though so you want to make sure you have a reservation way in advance.  With that said, be ready to indulge yourself because their food’s the epitome of decadent.

oxtail benedict

Their entire menu’s perfect for the ‘gram, but in terms of taste, their chicken & french toast is our all time favorite dish there – the oxtail benedict coming in at a close second.  We also love their mumbo shrimp and crab fries/tots to make sure you get an order for the table because sharing is caring…or so we hear.

french toast

8.  Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother’s easily one of the best breakfast places in the DMV area.  If you’re in the mood for a killer bagel sandwich, search no further.  Whether you want something simple or want to treat yourself to a fancy-schmancy combo, they got you covered.

call your mother dc

Must-tries include their Sun City, Banyan Place, Gleneagle and Royal Palm – just remember to get their za’atar bagel.  It’s so, SO good.  And for those of you interested, they also have lunch sammiches and doughnuts available.  We haven’t had the pleasure of devouring said noms so you’ll have to let us know what you think post-brunch.

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9.  Makan

This incredible Malaysian restaurant was recently named a Michelin bib gourmand, and the accolade was so well deserved.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying their food yet, you’re in for a serious treat.

makan dc

Pro tip:  always start your meal off with an order of their biscuits & kaya.  Words can’t even begin to describe how delicious their coconut pandan custard is, and the biscuits are SO buttery and flaky.

mango salad

For your main, we recommend getting a nice spread for the table and dining family style.  Their kerabu mangga (mango salad), sambal telur (eggs in sambal), nasi goreng (fried rice) and char kway teow (penang street noodle) are all musts!  And we haven’t had a chance to try their Hainanese chicken rice yet, but we hear that’s a banger as well.

malaysian food

You’ll most likely be stuffed at that point, but make room for dessert because their sago’s exquisite.  Tapioca with gula melaka (type of palm sugar) and coconut pandan cream?  Just the right amount of sweet, and the texture’s out of this world!

10.  Shilling Canning Company

For $35pp, you can enjoy a fantastic 3-course brunch at Shilling Canning Company.  Their menu changes often so it’s hard to discuss recommendations, but we’ve only had good experiences there so we’re confident you’ll leave full and satisfied.  From their current menu (available online), we recommend their deviled eggs, buttermilk fried chicken and cinnamon bun.

Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed our latest brunch featuring 10 must try brunch spots in the district.  As mentioned, it was SO difficult to just pick 10 so we may post a part 2 later down the road.  Let us know what you thought of our picks, and be sure to comment with your favorite spot below.


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